Valladolid is a colonial town, nestled in between Cancun and Merida. Considered the 3rd city of the Yucatan, it offers excellent surprises. The splendor of its former glory earned it the nickname « the Sultan of the Orient.”10am – Wake up slowly and gently with a coffee, a house-brewed tea and local pastries in the cafe located in the Coqui Coqui Perfumery opposite their botanical garden.

11am – Go out into the city to experience and discover the original Valladolid, where you might turn a corner and come across women dressed in traditional Mayan outfits (blouses or white dresses embroidered with colorful flowers).

Do not miss the Francisco Canton Rosado Park, where the church of San Servacio is situated, you can, with a little luck, get to mingle with locals during one of their concerts. The city has seven churches from the same period, the Far & Wide favorite is the Church of Candelaria, whose color provides a striking contrast to the clear blue sky on a beautiful day.

Go get some fresh air and cool off at the Zaci Cenote which is only a few blocks from the central square, stop at San Roque Museum on the way.The Museum is housed in a former church and tells the story of the region and the history of Valladolid.

1pm – Enjoy a well-deserved break at El Jardin de los Frailes , where you can revel in the typical Mayan dishes accompanied by local musicians and a charming grandmother dressed in traditional clothes making delicious tacos in front of you. The inner courtyard is a peaceful haven cut off from the city and noise, a must-visit after an exhausting morning in the Mexican heat…

2pm – Now back to Coqui Coqui for a relaxing spa treatment in their beautiful botanical garden, sheltered from the outside world, you can let yourself relax and dream to the sounds of the wind and the exotic birds.

After your treatment, relax on the lounge chairs while sipping tea and facing the pool. We recommend the Clay Body Mask, a holistic massage with clay from the cenotes of Quintana Roo for a detoxifying and rejuvenating effect.

Invigorated and relaxed, it is time to start exploring the Sisal area of ​​the city.

4pm – Now we head out in the direction of the Former Convent of San Bernadino of Siena. This includes a church, a chapel, a convent, a courtyard and a garden.

This is the second largest Franciscan building of the Yucatan after Izamal. It is located in the Sisal neighborhood that comes from  » Ziiz-ha » in Mayan language and means cold water. Stroll through the 16th century buildings and feel free to wander around the public garden and sit on a bench to enjoy the comings and goings of the church-goers.

5pm – Last chance to buy!

If you want to buy handicrafts and traditional products there is one place, it is the « Mercado de artesanias  » for an authentic Mexican market. If the life in Mexico appealed to you, you can bring back a concentrated version of the Coqui Coqui Flagship where you won’t be able to decide between the home fragrances, candles and diffusers. Because the Mayan food is fabulous, we head straight to the Cacao Organic Collective to fulfill our small indulgences because here they make chocolates in pure Mayan tradition.

If your trip does not stop here and continue towards the Caribbean Sea, you are advised a stop at Tardan, here you can offer a beautiful handcrafted hat to protect yourself from the harmful effects of the sun. Next stop is the Hacienda Montaecristo to find a comfy outfit for yourself made out of natural materials, perfect for facing the heat.

For the gentlemen, feel free to take a tour of the Tequileria Poncho Villa and bring back a few bottles for a themed party evening on your return.

With all this, your bag should already be full, but do not panic, just go to Dutzi to buy a bag made by local craftsmen under the artistic guidance of Ariane Dutzi.

8pm – Let’s end the day in the best restaurant in town, La Taberna de los Frailes, where you are advised to take several dishes to share and do not miss their ceviche. Warning: the portions are generous and delicious just like everything else in the region. Treat yourself to a cocktail and relax in the garden. You’re not dreaming, you are in Mexico!

-Rio Lagartos is just a 3 hour drive to go see the wildlife and the incredible flamingos who have called this place their home.
-A combination of culture and outdoor activity between Chichen Itza, an ancient Mayan city that is now a World Heritage of UNESCO site, and the archaeological park IK KIL to cool down at the Cenote Sagrado Azul.
– Tulum for the idyllic landscapes bordered by the Caribbean sea and jungle.

Coqui Coqui
Calle 41A 207A, Sisal, 97780 Valladolid,
Yuc., Mexico
+52 985 856 5129

El Jardin de los Frailes
Calle 41-A Entre 48 y 50 #222
Calzada de Los Frailes,Valladolid 97780, Mexico
+52 985 856 259

Mercado de artesanias
A the corner of calles 39 and 44
Closed on Sunday afternoon

Cacao Organic collective
Calzada de los frailes,
Valladolid 97780, Mexico

Front of Coqui Coqui’s Flagship
97780 Valladolid, Yuc., Mexico

Hacienda Montaecristo
Calle 41/A N°224 Colonia Sisal
CP 97780 Valladolid, Yucatan, Mexico
+ 52 985 85 60 665

Tequileria Poncho Villa
Valladolid, Yucatan, Mexico
+52 985 110 2238

St. 41-A #209 x 48 & 50 Sisal, Calzada de los Frailes
Valladolid Yucatan
Yucatan, México 97780
(+52) 985 856 1950

La Taberna de los Frailes
Calle 49 #235 | Next to the Convent of San Bernardino de Siena,
Valladolid 97780, Mexico
+52 985 856 0689