A bakery opened by a starred Chef and what is more Thierry Marx it leaves dreamy ! Thierry Marx super star Chef who needs no introduction, hyperactive, at the head of the cuisines of the Mandarin Oriental among other try at the bakery and the result is there.

The decoration is resolutely contemporary, spirit café, the seats take the form of scooters. We settle down for a lunch on the inch which we will not leave disappointed. So yes there is bread, even breads (but not only !): tourte de meule, couronne tigrée, baguette just crunchy as it should and all elaborated with Joel Defives, baker best worker of France.

The specialty of the bakery? Because yes, Thierry Marx reserved you a surprise, the breadmakis. As an Asian food lover, Thierry Marx imagined a sandwich presented in the form of makis. The base is made of toasted bread roll with different choices from classic Shoreditch based on bacon, eggs, tomatoes, to more original as marinated beef mixed withThai salad. Several recipes are available to you and each month a new recipe is added to the menu! To test absolutely during your way! In addition they are made in front of your eyes ! La Boulangerie Thierry Marx also offers a choice of salads, desserts and drinks ultra-varied and as sometimes simplicity is what best, indulge yourself with let classic ham butter and pickle !

Dessert side, throw on the bakery flan or cookies or even both the 2 (they are to die for) !

Thierry Marx Bakery presents a luxury version of street food at affordable price, and we ask for more !

Boulangerie Thierry Marx
51 rue de Laborde
75008 Paris

Open Monday to Saturday from 7:30am to 8pm

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