31 janvier 2018


Sara is Yoshikazu Kitada’s lastest restaurant, he’s already running the delicious Yen (6th district) and Kai (1st district). Sara is a canteen specialised in Sobas (japanese buckwheat noodle soup) in the heart of the japanese district and a few step away from Rue Sainte Anne.

Sara is a restaurant with a raw, sober and elementary decoration with stoned walls and large tables to share with everyone. Sara is a big counter where chefs, dressed in black&white, get busy, the boss is slightly stressed and the windows are misted. Sara is delightful though !

From the menu, Sobas are served hot or cold to dip in a hot or cold sauce. You can also find refined and tasty tapas ( we urge you to take the dengaku aubergines with miso sauce) and the donburi ( large bowl of rice with all sorts of trimmings). Obviously, everything is home made, super fresh and hearty, a pure delight. Real Sobas are hard to get in Paris, this is now done with Sara.

And if you want to be japanese all the way, do make some noise while eating your Soba, it is not unpolite at all on the contrary, the air is a flavour enhancer.

You have to count between €11 and €22 for the famous concoction, €5 and €6 for tapas and roughly €18 for bonduris.

Japaneses eat sobas day or night, why not you ?

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