5 mars 2018


Turned into a real fashion accessory, a contemporary symbol of virility, a way of the modern urban dwellers and adventurers, beards have been growing in numbers in our cities for a while now. Displaying this symbol of manhood is not enough without maintaining it daily to keep it clean, soft and healthy. This is where Hommer enters the picture, it is the ultra modern Greek care brand for those with beards.

Around 900-800 BC it was Greek God who were represented the beard, considered as a symbol of power and masculinity, later Greek philosophers proudly sported beards as a sign of protest against the establishment. This means that the concept of grooming is not a novelty.

A contraction of Homer (the Greek poet and renowned author of The Odyssey) and Homme (Man in French), Hommer has decided to share this ancestral culture of beard maintenance with the world by developing a range based on the following 5 pillars: Greekness, naturalness, quality, sophistication, and innovation.

Hommer is the first Greek line for grooming composed of high quality natural ingredients, enhanced with a sophisticated mix of woody, bitter chocolate and vetiver tones, distilled essences and travel memories.

There are of course no parabens, propylene glycol, silicones, mineral oil, petroleum jelly, paraffin, Ethanolamines, synthetic colors, animal products, alcohol, animal testing, wheat, nuts or polyethylene glycol.

In short, you will not hear your mother, sister, aunt, girlfriend or grandmother tell you that you look like a puffy fan with a beard, which is a breeding ground for bacteria and itches. With Hommer, you will feel fresh, clean, modern, terribly attractive and on top of your game, just like a Greek God.

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