13 February 2016


Most trendy destinations of 2016: Japan, Uruguay, Cuba, Bostwana and Myanmar. Which one will be yours?


The Land of the Rising Sun is back in the list of destinations in Vogue for 2016! From mid-March to mid-April, you can admire the Tokyo cherry blossoms in Kyoto. And if touristic towns are not for you, head out to Okinawa in the Chuo-ku neighborhood to visit its historic castles. Between tradition and modernity, hectic life and secret retreat, you will be fascinated by a Japan full of surprises!

Where to stay?
Claska Hotel

A spa?
Akusa-Kannon Onsen

Best time to visit?
The pleasant periods to visit are from mid-March to mid-April if you would like to celebrate the cherry blossoms or in the autumn from September to November.


Uruguay, often shunned by travelers at the expense of its powerful neighbors Brazil and Argentina, is fast becoming the must visit destination of 2016! The hot spot of the country is Punta del Este: the Argentineans build their summer homes, super models and rock stars flock there and entrepreneurs from the Hamptons are investing there! Everything is still authentic, simple while having a lot of charm, a good bet that you will be truly seduced and won over!

Where to stay?
Casa Zinc

Los Negros par Mallmann

Best time to visit?
During their summer from December to March, especially on New Years!


There is a projected boom of tourism due to the changed in travel relationships with the United States and the lifting of the embargo, it is now a reality that you can go and get lost in the colorful streets of Havana. Architectural richness and contradictions will make this trip a dazzling experience. Push your discovery to the Viñales Valley, World Heritage of Unesco and end the journey at the pristine beaches of the peninsula of Guanahacabibes!

Where to stay?
Hotel Florida

Café Laurent

Best time to visit?
There are no particularly unpleasant seasons. From December to April is the peak season as well as July and August (this is when the Cubans are on vacation).


Botswana is nestled between South Africa, Namibia and Zimbabwe; it is THE African country that you should visit in 2016. This year, the country celebrates the 50th anniversary of its independence; its fauna is one of the most beautiful of the region and should satisfy any traveler in search of adventure. The Okavango Delta, the second largest inland delta in the world, has been a Unesco World Heritage Site since 2014. It has come a long way from its past political and economic troubles, while still paving the way for tourism that is respectful of the environment.

Where to stay?
& Beyond Sandibe Okavangi Safari Lodge

Best time to visit?
From April to December


Since the release of Aung San Suu Kyi, Burma has drawn numerous visitors. Burma, from its picturesque beaches to its sights of breathtaking beauty, including the ruined city of Bagan, its a locations that never ceases to surprise! This star country of the region, however, has some difficulty keeping pace, so plan your trip well in advance to avoid any disappointments. The secret insider tip? The Mergui archipelago, 800 islands cut off from the world!

Where to stay?
Sule Shangri-La à Yangon

Padonmar à Yangon

Best time to visit?
From December to February


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