16 February 2016

vintner's daughter

Vintner’s Daughter, is the story of April Gargiulo, winery owner in the Napa region. She led a healthy life of organic food to detergents used at home, all without chemicals, until after her pregnancy and the birth of her first child, when she started focusing on beauty products that were invading her bathroom. All of them were full of toxic chemicals, so she embarked on the quest for organic products, which, even if authentic, unfortunately were not suitable to her skin type, or, worse, were not really authentic and hid preservatives in their formulas.

She decided to make her own serum, starting with grape seed oil, and, over time, she added on 22 active botanical ingredients, including carrot, hazelnut and primrose. Each element is used in high concentrations, leaving no place for decorative ingredients that serve as marketing tools.

The active ingredients used by Vintner’s Daughter all combine and create synergies that help you fight the signs of aging, stimulate cell renewal, maintain the elasticity of the skin and protect your skin against free radicals. At the very start, she tested the product in secret and the compliments on her glowing complexion were swift and efficient. The product speaks for itself. It is an investment (at $185) but the compliments you receive largely pay off the money you invested.

Vintner’s Daughter, its 22 reasons to go ahead and treat yourself!


Vintner’s Daughter – Active Botanical Serum – $183

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