12 January 2017


Always wanted to know how a beauty editor routine looks like ? Well today is your day, the lovely and sweet Valerie Dayan from Vogue Turkey made us the great pleasure to share all her secrets with you ! 

Hello Valerie,

Who are you? What’s your background ?

Hi Far and Wide! I’m a 27-year-old editor, born and raised in Istanbul, Turkey. Family-wise my background is pretty mixed up! I’ve got Austrian and Greek on my mom’s side, and Syrian on my dad’s side. People usually tell me I don’t look Turkish, and I’ll be like “Duh! Things are pretty mixed up here!”


Where are you from? Where are you living now and Why ?

I was born and raised in Istanbul, Turkey. I’ve lived here all my life, except for college when I went to Northwestern and lived in a small town outside of Chicago, called Evanston. I also did a little exchange program in Paris IV in 2009 (yes, from Istanbul to Chicago, and from Chicago to Istanbul!) and got to enjoy a few months living in my favorite city. After college I moved back to Istanbul and immediately got a job as the grooming editor of the then-new GQ Turkey. After my 10 month grooming stint, I did almost a year of copyrighting at an ad agency, since advertising has always been a passion of mine. Then in March of 2013, I got offered the position of beauty editor at Vogue Turkey, and I’ve been working here ever since. So, that’s why I live in Istanbul! In Istanbul I live in the Nişantaşı area, in the home I was born and raised. It feels pretty crazy to be still living in the same apartment (and I actually was born in the hospital next door!), and I kinda think that it is a weirdly rare situation.

Tell us about your routine and your favorite spots ? 

I’m pretty specific about the places I’ll hang out at – I’m not one for trying out new things, because I get quite upset when I go somewhere that doesn’t meet my expectations. For brunch, I will usually go to Petra or Dün (if I’m on the Asian side), for lunch I’ll do Gram (near my office) or Delicatessen. My favorite dinner spots are Aheste and Karaköy Lokantası. Although I love going out on dinner dates and dressing up for fancy restaurants, my ideal dinner plan is cooking tacos or pasta for my friends/boyfriend at home and passing out on the couch after dinner. For business meetings it’s always a good idea to go to Soho House, which during the day has a rather professional and chill setting.

What is your daily beauty routine ? What are your essentials ?

My daily beauty routine changes quite daily, as I am always testing out new products ! Although I now find it more difficult then before (maybe I’m getting older, maybe it’s the ever-changing weather conditions) to do it, since my skin reacts negatively when I’m trying out too many things in one week. At night it usually takes longer 20 minutes if I’m doing a mask and 5-10 minutes on regular nights. I clean my face, use a gentle tonic or rose water, serum, cream and dab a bit of face oil on my cheeks during colder weather. In the mornings it’s much quicker. I don’t wash my face so that I don’t strip my skin of the natural oils. I just put some rose water or Sensibio on a cotton pad and swipe my face with it. Then I’ll put on some serum depending on what my skin is like that day (nowadays I’m using a lot of glow enhancing products), some moisturizer et voila! And of course, I never miss out on the eye cream. This didn’t use to be the case a couple years ago, but nowadays I can immediately tell that my eyes look really tired if I forget to put on cream the night before. I have quite big lips, so I have to take care of them both day and night. I usually wet a washcloth and buff my lips with it, and then smear some Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream on my lips.

Some of the products that I keep in my bathroom all the time is:

-Santa Maria Novella Acqua di Rose

-Darphin Intral Toner

-Darphin Ideal Resource Anti-Dark Circle Eye Illuminator

-Aesop Chamomile Concentrate Anti-Blemish Masque

-La Mer Face Oil

-Dermalogica Active Moist

-SK II Facial Treatment Mask

-Caudalie’s new VineActiv collection

-Chanel Bi-Phase Anti Pollution Makeup Remover

-Glossier Mega Greens Galaxy Pack

-Simon Therapie Gold Acid-Free Micropeel

Do you have a family beauty or cultural secret ? A tip that you invented and that you would like to share ?

Like all good moms out there, my mom told me to never pluck my eyebrows and I couldn’t be more proud of this decision. Also, in Turkey, being hair-free is the cultural norm and my mom has always made sure I felt good in my skin WITH the hair on. I’m not saying I go around with armpit hair of course, but I will never EVER wax the hair on my arm like most of the girls here do. I am in peace with my hairy arms! One day, if I have a daughter I will try my best for her to feel the best in her skin – with or without some body hair.

Something I think I might have invented is this: When getting ready, I always make sure to put on my perfume (which is Le Labo – Thé Noir) after I blow-dry my hair. Otherwise the alcohol goes bad with the heat of the hairdryer and the scent of the fragrance gets weird.

How do you relax ? 

Lately, my relaxation consists of staying in and doing absolutely nothing more than watching a few shows on Netflix and putting on a face mask, which I find to be a big luxury. If I want to spoil myself, I’ll get a 90-minute deep tissue at the Four Seasons with the amazing therapist Noki, get a facial at Cowshed Spa or visit Kılıç Ali Paşa Hammam.


What is your go to carry-on ?

I’ve never been good with packing. Even if I’m traveling for 2 nights only, I’ll have a big bag that I’ll check in. However, because I always end up buying stuff, I pack an American Apparel duffel bag in my bag. I’ve been using them for a few years and find them to be the perfect size. I have them in a few colors.

A trick for organizing your luggage ?

I may be the wrong person to ask this ! Although in my last trip to Paris I did end up wearing ALL the shoes I’d packed, so I could say I’m getting better, slowly J

Your traveller uniform ?

Maybe I’m old school but I hate dressing too relaxed for flights. I’m not saying I’ll wear heels, I’d never do that but you definitely can’t find my in jogging pants either!

Beauty essentials while travelling ? 

My skin always gets dehydrated when I travel – even if the flight is only an hour long. I’ll definitely have an eye cream, face mist and a light moisturizer with me in the flight (I don’t want my skin to get too oily with me either). Recently I’ve been packing Gulsha Rose Water, La Mer Moisturizing Soft Lotion and Benefit Firm it up Eye Serum. My cuticles also get dehydrated so I’ll have Deborah Lippmann Cuticle Oil – which I LOVE and the super strong Weledo Skin Food for my hands. I’ll also definitely have a brow product with my in-flight (my favorite right now is the Benefit Precisely My Brow). That and a lipstick will be the only things I put on before landing. The products I’ll use in my travels are all about moisture as well: Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum, the rich Sisleya L’integral Anti Age cream, Darphin Revitalizing Oil for my cheeks and Mario Badescu Super Collagen Mask.

Craziest things you ever put in your suitcase ?

Last year when I was doing a super-strict diet, I actually packed avocados in my bag when I went camping, because I thought I wouldn’t be able to find them there. The avocados actually turned into guacamoles in my bag by the time I arrived there.

A destination you’re obsessed about ?

There is a little camping place I love south of Turkey in Antalya. It’s not at all “glamping,” you are in the middle of nature and may even find a few goats waiting for you in front of your cabin ! The nature is absolutely breathtaking and the people there are always super-friendly. You can have a calm holiday or go to the bar and drink until the morning, and even then you won’t have a hangover thanks to the excessive amount of oxygen !

Any Hotels, spas, restaurants, bars suggestions there ?

Sundance Camping

Are you changing or adapting your daily beauty routine according to your destination ? If so, how ?

If I don’t have to attend any press launches or parties, I’ll try to take less amount of things with me, for sure. No one wants to spend a ton of time doing masks and long beauty routines on holidays. So I’ll probably just grab an SPF cream, moisturizer, cleanser and an eye cream with me.

The best thing to steal from an hotel ?

Shower gels and shampoos, of course ! I will take them to my next trip with me,  I love anything travel sized.


Next destination: Costa Rica ! It’s the one place I am absolutely curious about visiting. I am (a little geekily) in love with sloths and they have a sloth sanctuary I’m dying to visit there.

Next beauty purchase: It’s already in the mail and I couldn’t be more excited: Pat McGrath Labs Metalmorphpsis in Bronze.

Next extravaganza: I think I will (have to!) splurge on the J’Adior slingbacks next season.

Your mantra: I don’t think I can narrow it down to one !

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