20 June 2017


It is not the first time we talk about This Works brand but, at F&W, we are so fond of it that we could not help a little reminder!

First thing first, what is chronobiology? Chronobiology is the study of rythms and consequences of their disorder. It is a scientific discipline that looks into biologic rythms. We all have an internal clock that imposes a pace on our body and regulate our biologic and attitudinal functions (mood, energy, hormons). This biological clock, our circadian rythm, lasts 24h.

This was the reason for creating This Works. Kathy Phillips, Vogue UK beauty executive editor and the brand founder, knows only too well that our modern life is more and more stressfull with long working hours, short nights and pollution….. This is for all these reasons that she decides in 2003 to create a range that will responde to the 4 phases that set a 24h cycle : night time, awakening,day time and evening.

1st phase: night time 

What’s happening with you skin?

– Melatonine and growth hormons peak
– Cells detoxication
– Skin stem cells replication to replace old cells with new ones
– Maximum transepidermal water loss


A nice and long nigth of sleep thanks to the Sleep range and in particular the Deep Sleep pillow spray. With a blend of lavender, vetiver and camomile essential oils, this pillow mist eases tensions, soothes body and mind and helps sleepiness.

2nd phase : the awakening

What’s happening with your skin?

– Water level is at its lowest
– The skin is sometimes red and irritated
– The ADN reparing process is being less active, intense need of protection


Deep rehydration, reducing inflammation and protecting from external agressions thanks to the In Transit™ and Stress Check™ range.

3rd phase: day time

What’s happening with your skin?

– Increase of hydration level throughout the day.
– Sebum peak in the afternoon
– Maximal exposure to UV and pollution
– Energy drop mid afternoon


Boosting the skin with specific assets with the following range: Light Time ( brightness), Skin Deep (nutrition), Perfect ( unified complexion), No Wrinkles (anti aging) and Energy Banck ( vitality).We highly recommend Light Time Cleanse & Glow, a cleansing balm packed with Jojoba and Vitamin C and E that will leave your skin pure, bright and extremely soft in 1 minute!

4th phase: night time

What’s happening with your skin?

– Increase of melatonine level
– Increase of skin repair
– accumulation of pollutants on the skin
– The skin is more receptive to treatments


Deep cleansing with Clean Skin range and nourishing with No Wrinkles Night and Sleep Plus body range.

This Works is a unique blend called “Superblend”: assets inspired by nature, botanical oils and therapeutical fragrances 100% naturals based on aromatherapy. This Works also is formulas with useless chemicals and it is one of the 1st range that replaced sulfates, phtalates OGM and parabens with safer alternatives.

We told you this brand was lush!

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