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3 May 2017


it’s in Marais neighbourhood , Rue des Filles du Calvaire, that Yoga Factory hides. Behind a gateway door entrance, this trendy yoga studio is a real gem!

No sweat here, you shine! Here you change, you glow. Here, you are taught to listen to your heart and let go. Here, you renew your energy, you shine, you are remarkable.The yoga taught at Yoga Factory is Hot Vinyasa Flow. A very dynamic yoga that combines gentle yoga sequences with breathing in a 28° heated room ( to have an idea, yoga Bikram is in a 40° heated room).

The heat improves the flexibility with no risk of injury and makes yoga practice easier, for those who are not familiar with it, it can be surprising at first but the heat is absolutly bearable.

One warning though, there are no regular classes at Yoga Factory, even though you can take Hot Vinyasa Flow, you will be offered different levels sessions all “home made”.

Niveau 1 : Cool

Niveau 2 : Open ou Detox

Niveau 3 : Rise ou Sparkle

Niveau 4 : Fire ou Yog’Abs

All the classes are given by highly qualified, talented, inspiring, determined, heartening and lovely “Yoga Movers”. It’s all up to you to keep going!

You got it, the studio philosophy is acceptance, pushing the limits in order to reach stability and well being. A very full agenda!

Believe it or not, Yoga Factory worked for us so why not trying yourself?

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