Beauty Wellness


22 March 2017

What could be more relaxing than a bath? For the perfect bath, the room temperature in your bathroom needs to be at least 23 ° (anything below and it negates the relaxing benefits of the bath), the water temperature should be around 30° and never beyond 37 ° – in order to influence the lymphatic system and tone tissues – and, finally, the bath cannot exceed 15 minutes, as beyond that time your body will expend energy to adapt to the cooling water temperature. Far & Wide presents its selection of candles, bath oils, bath salts and bubble baths for an almost perfect bath time ritual.

Candles :

  1. Calming Candle, Shiffa 35£
  1. Relaxing Home Candle, Green & Spring 29£
  1. Calm Scented Candle, Maison 75$

Bath oil :

  1. Bath oil Fleur Oriental, Miller Harris 50€
  1. Bath oil Blenheim Bouquet, Penhaligon’s 40£
  1. Oil Bath for the Senses, Susanne Kaufmann 50€

Salt bath :

  1. Salt Bath Still, Being 16€
  1. Pomegranate bath salts, Santa Maria Novella 55$
  1. Hydro-active mineral salts, Dermalogica 41,90€

Bubble bath :

  1. Crème brulée honey Bath, Laura Mercier 45$
  1. Amazing grace Milk based shampoo, bath and shower gel, Philosophy 33$
  1. Numero 5 Le bain moussant, Chanel 48€