14 June 2017


The Laundress is an eco-chic brand which cares for clothing and for the home.

The products are all 100% natural and made of organic and biodegradable renewable resources, without paint, oil, bleach, chlorine, sulfates and phosphates. The founders, Lindsay Wieber and Gwen Whiting, help us care for our clothes and our house without causing damage, and especially in accordance with strict environmental ethics. The packaging is elegant, the range is rich, a bit of eco-friendly snobbery that we dream of having at home.

The Laundress has also developed a range of two products especially created for sports: The Sport Detergent and the Sport Spray.
The Sport Detergent tackles odors and stains on fabrics often used in technical clothing like cotton, spandex (lycra or elasthanne), waterproof, weatherproof and insulating materials, and nylon. It is effective against grass stains, blood or sweat and contains a color fixative.

The Sport Spray is to be used before or after a workout session. It has antibacterial properties and is non-toxic, bio-degradable and allergen-free. Spray your shoes, bags, sports clothes, yoga mats and even your equipment! Its formula based on herbs and essential oils will attack bad odors, giving way to a light perfume with notes of orange, jasmine and musk.

Now, thanks to The Laundress and its Sports range, you have no more excuses, so go on, go out and workout in style!

Pic : Ataui Deng by Julia Noni for Fat Man Magazine

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