4 July 2017

TensiraPics by Stéphane Dauchez

Tuulia Makinene and Hamidou Diallo met at school in Finland, fell in love, moved to Paris and created Tensira. The idea behind it? To combine their expertise and create a home linen brand, which includes weaving, dyeing and production, all entirely handmade with respect for the environment and social equity.

The Tensira fabrics are 100% cotton; the indigos are dyed with vegetable dye, stripes and plaid from Kas fabric, all of an incredible elegance which is also hand-dyed in their workshops in West Africa

Mattress and duvet covers (the best-sellers from the brand) are filled with Kapok, 100% natural fiber from the kapok tree, also called the silk-cotton tree. The two founders, respectively of Finnish and Guinea origin, have succeeded; Tensira is distributed in 18 countries, and their creations now adorn the most refined interiors of the world.

Now added to the linen collection are big fabric bags, a range of products in terracotta tones with copper and rattan furniture crafted in the traditional way, which come in sofas, armchairs and footstools.

Far and Wide has fallen head over heels for Tensira.