12 July 2017


If you have children and have never heard of Lancaster’s Wet Skin innovation, this article is about to revolutionize your summer. Lancaster has developed a texture with the ability to be applied on wet skin without leaving a trace: The Wet Skin Application.

Gone are the days of agonizing over your child who has spent hours in the sun jumping around in waves and pools, all you have to do now is apply their sunscreen, at any time, without the need to dry them. Your dear little ones will be at peace and can explore the world, without having to worry about painful sunburns.

The Sun For Kids range consists of an invisible mist and intelligent cream, and incorporates the most powerful filters to fight against UVB and UVA. Additionally, the formula is enhanced by a powerful infrared technology* to create a shield over the skin.

At the forefront of innovation, these products are waterproof, sand-proof, resistant to perspiration, delicious fragrant, and easily applied for uniform protection. Your children will be protected, and can enjoy as much as they want!

For our sporty friends, the Wet Skin Application Innovation has also been added to the Sun Sport range. Now you can go surfing, body boarding, swimming, water skiing and more, all while staying protected!

Thank you Lancaster!

*Infrared Technology is an innovation developed by researchers at Lancaster to fight a new cause of aging: infrared radiation. Invisible to the naked eye, these harmful rays penetrate more deeply than ultraviolet rays into the layers of the skin, and contribute to photo-aging and the creation of DNA lesions.

Pic by Oliver Spies for Milk Magazine

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