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18 May 2017

Sturebadet is undoubtedly part of the places that carry you in a fraction of a second. This place is mythical and very popular with local people and tourists. Sturebadet immediately draws you in a cosy and luxurious world.

Founded in 1885 by Doctor Carl Curman, physician and man of the Renaissance, he wanted to give to the residents a place where they could both relax and work out. The idea was staying healthy and nourishing your body and soul. He successfully met the challenge and manages to democratize the spa culture. Greta Garbo was a regular visitor.

In 1985, Sturebadet burnt down and huge reconstrution and restauration works began. It reopened on 15 March 1989. In 2006, the Spa Suite inspired by nature is inaugurated. This side of the spa consists in 4 treatment rooms one of which is inspired by Sami traditional tents. Here you can have the experience of a Sami Zen tailor made treatment by Kerstin Florian.

The relaxtion space consists in a room dedicated to aromatherapy where aromatic plants extracts are continuously steamed for a great relaxing time. Here, sit comfortably, relax and gently breathe in this delicate atmosphere.

That’s what it is, from the pool onto the treatments to the fitness area, Sturebadet is a haven of peace. You can go there with your eyes closed and let yourself being carried away in this magical and mystic world.

Sturegallerian, 114 46
Stockholm, Sweden

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