29 October 2015

Sqirl is the unusual story of Jessica Koslow, whom after working at Anne Quatrano for a year, went on to become a TV producer in New York. Afterwards, she moved to Los Angeles to become a baker, and spent some time in Melbourne with Dench Bakers. Finally, she returned to the United States, started selling jams, and found Sqirl. She managed to successfully expand her small business in to a breakfast restaurant. In LA, where it’s common to have meetings around breakfast time, you can now order until 4pm! Today there are 2 menus: 8am – 4pm breakfasts and 11am – 4pm lunches. Sqirl is one of those passionate American success stories we all love to hear, with an undying enthusiasm for good quality products. Soon, Sqirl Away, an affiliate restaurant will be opening,

Monday – Friday : 6:30am-4pm
Saturday & Sunday:  8am-4pm

720 Virgil Ave #4
Los Angeles, CA

Recommanded by  Chloé Wilk- Martin