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9 September 2016

erno laszlo

Audrey Hepburn once said, “I owe 50% of my beauty to my mother, and the other 50% to Erno Laszlo.” Despite what this might lead you to believe, Erno Laszlo was not Audrey Hepburn’s secret father. Rather, Erno Laszlo was a skin care doctor who, in 1927, opened the Erno Laszlo Institute of Scientific Cosmetology to fast became a favorite among Golden Age Hollywood A-Listers, from Grace Kelly to Marilyn Monroe to Greta Garbo.

Today, Erno Laszlo is still one of the most recognized brands in skincare. Not only do they put great care into their products, but they are extremely loyal to their customers. Their institute in New York, opened in 2012, offers the opportunity to become a member, which includes benefits from regularly scheduled skin treatments to microdermabrasion to anti-aging technology. There is no doubt that Erno Laszlo has always been devoted to superb and effective skin care.

 Although all of their products are worth trying, one of the best deals we’ve seen so far has to be the Sea Mud Detoxifying Cleansing Ritual Trio. Priced at only $45, this trio includes three of the brands best products: the Phelityl Pre-Cleansing Oil, the Sea Mud Cleansing Bar (fun fact: this black bar that gets its color from therapeutic dead sea mud was immortalized by Woody Allen in the movie Annie Hall), and the Light Controlling Lotion.

Meant to be used morning and evening, the trio softens, cleanses and renews skin. First, use the Pre-Cleansing Oil to prep and plump your skin. Then, use the Cleansing Bar to gently exfoliate and remove skin impurities. Lastly, use the Lotion as a toner to minimize surface oil and refine pores. Used together, this trio will nourish, detoxify and beautify your skin for a flawless finish.

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