7 July 2017


We have been fans of Ron Dorff for a while now, and we’re about to tell you all about them!

Behind Ron Dorff, is the French-Swedish duo, Jérôme Touron and Claus Lindorff, and the name of their brand is a simple contraction of their surnames. Between French classicism and Swedish pragmatism, the result is an innovative, modern and functional approach to sportswear. No frills and thrills here, the idea is to play sports while staying chic with a wardrobe that consists of timeless and practical pieces. A perfect balance between casual and technical wear. Their essentials are expertly transformed with an exemplary intransigence accompanying their choice of materials and quality in order to provide a unique experience.

Their sportswear offer is complemented by a care range (after sport, comfort), and honestly we love their brand universe. The line is unisex, the packaging is minimalist and trendy, the fragrance is subtle (a clean and fresh smell that we like), in short it is well thought out with simplicity, which is often the hardest to achieve. Setting aside everything that would encumber and dilute the final result and just keeping that which is the best, this requires the highest discipline.

Today, we present to you the After Beach, quite in tune with the seasons, wouldn’t you say? The sea and the sun are both elements which contribute to our happiness, but can sometimes cause their share of issues. To counteract their negative effects on our skin, but also that of the wind, Ron Dorff has devised an After Beach care especially for the face. This lotion (and the term is appropriate as the texture is fairly liquid) is composed of two key ingredients:

– The Common Reed to treat skin inflammation.

– The Poria which protects from oxidative stress.

This refreshing combo soothes inflamed, irritated skin and its fragrance is to die for. It uses the signature fragrance of the brand “Skin Discipline.” Its texture absorbs quickly without sticking. A real breath of fresh air coming from the plateaus! It can be used after showering, massage in a circular motion with your fingertips from the center to the edge of the face.

The brand’s motto is: “Discipline is not a dirty word,” so let’s get active without forgetting that beauty doesn’t stop at the wardrobe, it is indeed a way of life. At Far & Wide, we also share this view, for us beauty and well-being need to be thought out in their entirety. Together, we are on a mission to include beauty into our lifestyle.

After Beach, 75ml – 28€ – Ron Dorff

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