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10 January 2017


Gentlemen, start the new year on a high note with Sarah Daniel-Hamizi’s precious and wise advices , the inspiring, passionate and rigorous founder of LA BARBIERE DE PARIS, a range of hair and beard cares for men diabolically addictive.

Hello Sarah, What is your background ?

My background is a little bit unusual. I knew I wanted to be a barber since my early age, like 8/9 years old. It’s my passion. Afterward, I tried hard to persue my dream through hairdressing. A barber is above all a hairdresser and it’s a very important point because the training is essential.

I took my CAP and then BP. I have made 2 life changing encounters, I have been lucky to be trained by Mr Bourasseau and a Turkish barber in Paris. They taught me the essential technics and basis to be a hairdresser-barber.

The logical follow up was the opening of my first barber shop in 2000 in 14 rue Condorcet (Paris 9e) which allowed me to use my own technics.

Why did you choose men care ?

I like gentlemen clients, I have a good contact with them. They know what they want, they are « square ».

As a woman, it is easier to give advice, make a diagnosis because we have a different look. Indeed, it’s a seductive look that can sublimate men.

Why deciding to develop your own range ?

At LA BARBIERE DE PARIS, we have the legitimacy to develop our own range.

We work close to men : we listen to them, we give them advices. We can identify the needs, the problems and find the best solutions.

Our experience allowed us to produce a range that meet specific expectations.

Have you experienced a big change in the way men look after themselves ?

Yes a lot ! I noticed a reversal. There were a time where men didn’t look after themselves at all. Nowaday, it’s essential for them. They realise that the way they do their hair and beards can change their face and make them pretty.

Little by little, men salons opened. It is now a real pleasure and a relaxing moment for them.

What are your advices for healthy hair and beard ?

It is very important to use good and specific products. For example, do not wash your beard with hair shampoo !! You have to adjust your beauty routine.

At LA BARBIERE DE PARIS, we wanted to develop new routines, simple and efficient.

Moreover, it cannot be said enough but life hygiene is also very important : good nights sleep, healthy diet and no stress.

What can’t they do at all ?

They must not try to groom their beard alone. It cannot be improvised.

At LA BARBIERE DE PARIS,, the diagnostic stage is essential. The carve, the cut…. All this has to be done according to the client’s face in order to sublimate it.

My advice is the following : go to a professional hairdresser-barber that will guide you and show you the good ways.

Any tips to fight winter attacks ?

One watchword : HYDRATION.

For hair and skin. It is important to make hair and skin cares regularly. Cold stress dries hair and skin. You must hydrate and nourrish them in order to protect them from winter stresses.

Next step ?

The openning of new Barbershops in a very near future in Paris (beginning of 2017) and abroad.

Novelties and new products.

Next destination ?

A dream with the United States in New York and San Francisco.

Next extravagance ?

International Number One in the barbershops industry !

F&W in 3 words ?

Chic, discovery, getaway


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