6 June 2017


The infusions and organic tea brand Løv Organic picked Pauline Ado, your french surfer and freshly world champion as their ambassador. It is thus quite naturally that we ask her to answer a few question, thanks for your time Pauline!

Hi Pauline,

Where are you from? What is your background?

I am not from a surfers’ family but I grew up on the Basque Coast and I chose the ocean and surfing from an early age. I have quickly made small results competing that kept me going. Little by litte, I thought about becoming a pro surfer and I started competing on the professionnal tour when I was 18 . A choice I will never regret even though being a professionnal athlete has its ups and downs, it brings me unique moments.

How and why have you chosen to compete?

Ironically, when I started I didn’t like competing. I couldn’t express and enjoy myself under the constraints of time, weather forcast, imperatives….I was going backwards. Until the day I won my 1st event, I was 10 back then. I suddenly got the desire to win and it never left me.

What does surfing mean to you?

Surfing is above all a passion. From the beginning, I loved the sensation of gliding and the adrenaline, the uncertainty before each session. When I surf perfectly, I have an incredible feeling of freedom. It’s like I am in control of the element. It is also a way for me to constantly challenge myself, going forward and learning  a lot about myself.

How do you relax?

Being an athlete can sometimes  be hard between travelling, training and everything. I often feel like I have to think about a lot of things and I feel the urge to have a break. Take a few minutes to medidate or simply enjoying a nice cup of Løv Organic tea in a nice place ; these are little rituals that help me to calm down and enjoy the moment.

Do you have a ritual during competition?

Yes, I am quite careful on my contest day. I carefully organise my gear and my food the day before. On D Day, as soon as I wake up, I carry out a muscular awakening and a session of mental imagery. I warm up in the water before my serie and  I also have a routine to warm up before going in the water. In the evening, I stretch.

Do you practice another sport and why?

I play pelote basque and squash for fun sometimes but not really regularly. But I work out several times a week with a mix of cross fit, cardio and reinforcement.

What are your favorite beauty products?

Products from Meteologic range from Laboratoires de Biarritz to hydrate my skin.

Do you have an advise or a secret regarding beauty?

A sane way of life : healthy food, sleeping well and looking after my skin.

A destination you can’t do without?

Back home in Anglet ! I love travelling but it makes me loving the quality of life here even better.

What are your essentials for travelling?

My boards, my skipping rope, my plane pillow and the Løv Organic infusions !

What is the most incredible thing you took with you?

2kg of limes that I brought back from Mexico !

Next trip?

Mexico actually, I am currently in Fiji.

Thanks !

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