NO KA ‘OI is innovative yoga clothing that looks like something out of a sci-fi movie. This Italian brand, inspired by the carefree and bright lifestyle of Hawaii – even its name means “the best” in Hawaiian, a philosophy that they uphold in all aspects of their company – is rooted in fashion, femininity and functionality. Founded in 2014, NO KA ‘OI prides itself on being fashion-forward street wear that also performs.

On their website, they offer two main clothing styles, Color Wave and Color Block. The Color Wave style is a plain navy with just one simple colored line, made of Italian glass seed beading and grey microfiber, going lengthways down the right side. The Color Block is, as its name suggests, a mix of interesting color block patterns and colors, ranging from yellow to pink to green. Although other styles are available, these are definitely the two most popular. The Color Block designs, especially, are what give the brand its sci-fi-resembling-bright-Hawaiian-inspired feel.

NO KA ‘OI clothing allows women to move seamlessly, confidently, and comfortably through life. The clothing’s texture is made of an advanced microfiber technology called Emana fiber, which uses infrared technology to improve performance and give your body a firmer look, decreasing the appearance of cellulite. Who wouldn’t want that?!

If you love yoga, sports or just interesting street wear, and you’re looking for some new eclectic, form-fitting clothing, then you need to check out NO KA ‘OI; they simply are “the best!”

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