16 May 2017


Listen people, another novelty on Byredo Planet! The Swedish brand launches a surprising and highly desirable product,
Kabuki Perfume.

 Ancient art, Kabuki is the epic form of traditional Japanese theatre. Both tremendous and coded, a mix of chants and danses, Kabuki is both esthetic and elegant; very close to perfection.

Inspired by this form of theatre and the traditional brushes used by the actors to do their make up, Ben Gorham created a new art in perfumery: Kabuki fragrances. In a retractable brush hides a perfumed powder. You can then gently brush your wrist, neck or cleavage to free the deep fragrance .

These little gems are declined in 3 star perfumes. Bal d’Afrique, a strong wooded and bright blend, inspired by the Golden Years. Blanche , a pure and floral aftermath. And Gypsy Water, wooded and oriental, a glamourous fragrance with gypsy notes.

Byredo and its genious creator Ben Gorham managed to twist the tradition and make it even more modern, inventive and subversive. Have we ever told you that we were fond of it?

 Pic © Because London

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