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Today F&W is going to meet Mathieu and Baptiste, Parachute founders, styled and inspired boxer shorts brand for modern men. 

Hello guys,

 Who are you? What’s your background?

Baptiste : 31 years old, from the French Basque Country and Mathieu, 30, from Les 2 Alpes. We met on the same school benches.


Where are you from? Why did you choose X as your city?

We came from Paris for work and we never left. So, naturally, that is were our business is. Baptiste, though, would like to go back to South West and Mathieu is often going to Switzerland back and forth ( girlfriend and off shore account oblige).

Tell us about your routine, your favorite spots for a business meeting/ your everyday cantine/ a date with your lover/ you and your crew?

Baptiste :

Business Meeting : Hotel Edgar in Le Sentier or Le Charlot, Rue de Bretagne.
Daily canteen : Stévenot, Rue de Bretagne or Le Petit Bleu, Rue Muller. Best couscous in town !
Romantic moment : La Mano (haha). Going out : With the crew, we go to Pressing where we’ve had the chance to meet Joana (F&W co founder).
John Circus for a pizza and good cocktails. Aux 2 Amis and Pavillon Puebla, outside when the sun is out and we end up at La Mano or Pompom !

Mathieu :
Business meeting : Fumoir
Canteen : Stévenot, Pressing, Chez Aline of’course !
Romantic moment : The bar at L’Hotel St Germain. Does it count if I say at mine ?

Going out : The Hemingway, The Fou (with the good team and Serge and his viola) and always a final stop for a take away at Phoenix d’Or, Rue de la Roquette ! (Tips : ask for and extra hot dish so it’s perfect when you get home).

Do you practise a sport?

Baptiste : I am running to stay in shape, even though, I have to admit, I don’t really enjoy it. It helps me to relax though.

Mathieu : Mmmmm, I love to push cast iron and eat prots (Shake, Intra….). My favourite address is this shop in Rue Sainte Honoré, you can’t miss it, there is a little Schwarzy in the window !

How do you relax?

Baptiste : In general, I exercise. I am not really fond of spas and all that stuff. I like to relax at Buttes Chaumont, it is just next to mine. Rarely alone, I like a good old pic nic with my 30 + crew.

Mathieu : I play music with my former band mate, Victor, and I am trying to do the drum break in Ride from Vapor Trail ( Gosh it’s hard ! So technical!)

What is your daily beauty routine?

Baptiste : This one is for you Mat ! My daily beauty routine is to give a hug to my flatmate, have a shower and say to myself «  Damn ! He’s fisnished the shower gel AGAIN ! »

Mathieu : When Marie is not here, I sometimes allow myself to got to bed without brushing my teeth. You can’t imagine how much I love that !!

Other than that, Comme des Garçons Wonderwood in the winter and Serpentine (The grass, The trees, the lake and you) in the summer.


What is your go to carry-on?

Baptiste : Good question for Matt again ! I have my eternal Arthur&Ashton sling bag that my mother gave to me 10 years ago. For ever, a little bit messy.

Mathieu : My Ally Capellino bag !

A trick for organizing your luggage?

Baptiste : Never leave it to last minute ! I never do that.

Mathieu : I love to do piles, sort by colour and put everything in my bag like a Tetris (it gives me a great satisfaction when I am asked to open my bag at the airport)

Your traveller uniform?

Baptiste : Denim short, solid colour tee shirt/ Vans (summer only!), I keep it simple for sure !

Mathieu : Monocle Travel collection ( @Daphné, I promise I don’t say that just to work with you!)

Your essentials while travelling?

Baptiste : Smiling and thinking as little as possible about what’s next.

Mathieu : Ouvrages and Parachute boxer shorts

Craziest things you ever put in your suitcase? 

Baptiste : Nothing amazing really. Maybe a piece of sheep cheese that my mum put in my bag. It smelt a little bit strong after a Bayonne – Paris on the TGV.

Mathieu : I have always asked myself, if :

  1. I take a suitcase big enough
  2. Would I fit in
  3. If a friend zips it for me

Can I fraud SNCF controls ?

A destination you’re obsessed about?

Baptiste : Back home in Capbreton, Les Landes. As soon as I can.

Mathieu : idem, back home in les 2 Alpes

Any Hotels, spas, restaurants, bars suggestions there?

Baptiste : I am not very good with hotel tips, I always go back to my parents !

Restaurants : Ideally, for an evening with friends, we start at the lake in Hossegor for oysters and a few bottles of white wine. Nothing better to enjoy the sunset. Then , Chez Monette, a few steps away, a lovely restaurant under the pine trees, specialised in surf food to share.

In town, l’Etiquette, a very popular wine bar, always a good atmosphere and lots of friends. And, obviously, the eternal Café de Paris, an institution.

Mathieu :

Hotel : Chalet Mounier ( we had a blast there for the launching of our project with the Californian sunglasses brand, Electric)

Restaurant : Le raisin d’ours when my good friend Fabien Poirot was at the turntables , Le burger des Lutins followed by one or a few   génépi(s) with Loulou, Le Tribecca at Cyril and Caro’s , at the Doumés brother (Never accept the woodchuck liquor!). The altitude restaurant La Tourra and coffee at my grandad’s . In the summer, Chateau de la Muzelle (probably the most peaceful place I know ).

Bar : Doume & Motown

Club : with no doubt, THE club, at Boris’… L’Avalanche

Do you have a ritual on the spot?

Baptiste : Check the ocean as soon as I get there. I’d like to take a stroll in the morning on the harbour and get a few delicious things from the fish market.

Mathieu : Afternoon tea at my grandad and auntie’s.

The best thing to steal from an hotel?

Baptiste : I’ve never done it and it’s everything but original, without a doubt the bathrobe

Mathieu : Don’t start me on this…



Next destination: Marseille !

Next beauty purchase: No idea

Next extravaganza : I’d really like to buy my friend’s Florian Montrini art. I just love is work .


Next destination: Marseille !

Next beauty purchase: We are now business owners, it’s all about saving !

Next extravaganza : If you only knew about all the pieces I’d like to own… deRRusie, Justin John Greene, Jean Marie Appriou, George Condo (sweet dream)

Far & Wide in 3 words:

Baptiste : travels, pleasure…. only 2 words but that’s what come to my mind .

Mathieu : meufs, perfect audience for Bapt at la Mano, “the ultimate selection of international beauty, wellness and lifestyle”

Your Mantra :

Baptiste : God only helps those who help themselves

Mathieu :


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