How do Japenese women do to have such a soft, radiant , luminous skin ? Let us make no mistake, Japanese women are following extremely strict and sophisticated ancient beauty rituals passed on from mother to daughter and we, at F&W , love it !

Real miracle product coming from Japan, Makanai hands cream .

First of all, let us tell you where this brand is coming from. It was born in a gold leaf foundry in Japan . In 1889, the working conditions in the foundry were very difficult and particularly rough for the skin . They start to make skin cares from ancient recipes and, especially, from the gold powder they were not using. Quickly, from the protective cream a complete range was born, the Makanai skin care. Literally « the gift given to the workers ».

Makanai hands cream is made from persimmon leaves, egg shells, soya beans and shea nuts. It immediately penetrates and hydrates the skin, without leaving a greasy film thanks to its natural ingredients. Approved and adopted by F&W, it leaves the skin incredibly smooth, supple and radiant.

A little downside : it must be used within 3 months after opening. One solution : baste ourselves with it night and day !


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