26 October 2016

Road trips with friends are generally nothing more than exciting adventures where we make memories we will cherish forever. For Damian del Rio and his three friends, Vincent Marina, Max Peskowitz and Garry Knopov, a roadtrip to the South of the US turned out to be

a lot more. While exploring the American lowcountry – the Carolinas, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi and finally New Orleans – they derived the idea for Loosie’s Kitchen.

Centered around the philosophy of creating a space where everyone is welcome, conversations flow freely, and an extended family is made within the community, Loosie’s Kitchen was born. Located under the Williamsburg Bridge in New York, Loosie’s Kitchen serves Southern food, focusing mostly on New Orleans – a particular cuisine they refer to as “lowcountry grub with a N’awlins drawl.” The menu was born from the founders’ love of the South and Southern food, inspired from their road trip.

With an interesting design that is equal parts rustic and equal parts contemporary art museum, Loosie’s Kitchen is no plain, ordinary restaurant. This haven from the city streets is furtively hidden directly behind its sister bar, the Loosie Rouge. Loosie’s Kitchen is open everyday from 7pm until 11pm for dinner, and, from 12pm to 4pm on weekends, Loosie’s Kitchen opens for a delicious brunch.

If you’re ever in New York with a deathly craving for Southern food, there really is no better place than Loosie’s Kitchen!

Loosie’s Kitchen
91 S 6th St
Brooklyn, NY 11249

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