The 8th district is packed with fast food and take aways, offices oblige, but let it be said, they are not up to mark. It was without counting on Claire Menini, young restaurateur already at the head of Twenty Peas in the 9th district, Rue des Mathurins, who is coming back with Little Twenty Peas in a neighborhood not really used to cosy attitude !

The place is as big as an handkerchief with a retro and London inspired look. A few tables to sit at for a real break in the middle of the day and it feels nice. For those in a hurry, a counter to order take aways.

The menu ? gourmet and healthy salades but, promise, not boring at all, soups but also dishes of the day with fish or meat. Here, everything is fresh and seasonal pretty please ! The menu changes every day, no time to get used to it and it’s a good thing. Special mention for their cheesecake to die for ! But you have to come early to make sure you get one piece.

The only negative point, if any, victim of their own sucess, you have to wait a long time but it worth it in a neighborhood where the other places are far less attractive ! We would have loved to stop by for a « tea time », the atmosphere is just right but we are running out of time, let’s come back tomorrow.

Little Twenty Peas
6 Rue Treilhard,
75008 Paris

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