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The South of France, traditionally dubbed the place to vacation for movie stars and millionaires, is much more accessible to the common everyday public than the media leads us to believe. And with its beautiful surroundings, perfect weather, delicious food and chill vibes, that is an accessibility we should be taking advantage of!

Lucky for us, the city of Arles, located in the famed region of Provence, boasts a five-star hotel our pockets won’t cry over: L’Hotel Particulier. With rooms starting at €289 during low season and €309 during high season, this hotel provides a much more viable option for those who aren’t trying to blow their entire last month’s salary on a night.

Sporting a variety of room options, from the Classic to the Suites, the hotel’s design is a classic style with a contemporary twist – overwhelmingly white and sleek combined with renaissance style furniture and touches of silver and gold. Of course, we cannot forget to mention the spa! For all your wellness needs, the spa offers a range of treatments, including facials, body scrubs, mani/pedis, massages and hammam.

This hotel is perfect for a trip with your significant other! But, what if you want to enjoy the South of France with your entire family or a big group of friends? L’Hotel Particulier has got you covered there too! Twenty kilometers away from Arles lies the hotel’s luxury guest house. This lavish haven boasts five double rooms, an oasis of green, a private pool and a decoration that mixes traditional and contemporary in the most aesthetic of ways.

If your next vacation is coming up fast, don’t cross off the South of France from your list! We promise, this hotel is more than worth it!

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