19 July 2017


The woman responsible for creating some of the world’s best fragrances, Jo Malone, has done it once again. Described as an “English Scent Maverick,” Jo Malone was originally a face therapist when she fell in love with fragrances. Soon, she started creating scented products and discovering that it was an innate talent of hers.

Jo launched her eponymous fragrance empire Jo Malone in 1994. In 2011 she launched her new brand inspired by the memories and moments in life that she loves: Jo Loves.

Jo Loves, now an extensive and innovative scent, bath, body and candle collection, has just released their brand new cologne: Mandrine. This wonderfully bright and sophisticated scent is composed of a blend of Bergamont Oil, Bitter Orange, Lemon Tree Leaf and Petitgrain. The smell is engineered to transport you to a place you love, somewhere that warms your skin, and where you feel content and carefree. With tones of aromatic thyme and crushed spices, Mandrine is the fragrant incarnation of summer.

Mandrine was inspired by Jo Malone’s intense passion for citrus colognes. Taking what she loved about the citrusy scents, she mixed it with unexpected twists to create a fragrance unique to her. It is her creative interpretation of her best moments in life. If you want to experience the happiness of summer through the artistic, delicious aromas of Jo Loves’ signature scents, Mandrine is definitely a must-try!

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