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22 July 2016

Button up your trench coat, tip that fedora over your eyes, look to both sides, and step furtively into the Handsome Hotel. Surrounded by a black marble desk, gray striped walls, and gold accents, you are bound to feel like you just stepped off the streets and into a chic, modern day speakeasy. A perfect comparison, not for their vast alcohol selection, per say, but because the Handsome Hotel has to be one of Paris’ best kept secrets.

With rooms named after qualities we all admittedly admire in a man – Charming, Smart, Gentlemen – the hotel is designed to make you fall in love. This general “Perfect Man” theme permeates throughout the hotel and is deep set in their philosophy: bowties. Like a bowtie to a suit, decoration to the Handsome is the key that completes it. Despite the smaller size of the hotel, the decorations – not too large, not too tight – set the tone for the hotel. Even the headboards, shaped like large, square bowties, are a nod to their philosophy.

Designed by Dorothée Delaya and Daphné Desjeux, the Handsome boasts a modern style with clean cut designs, charming slanted ceilings, and windows that overlook the bustling Parisian streets. Complimentary breakfast is served from 7 to 10:30 in the tea room, and includes coffee, tea, pastries and more.

Located in the first district of Paris, the hotel is walking distance from a variety of shops, restaurants, and tourist attractions – including the notorious Louvre! The cozy rooms and spacious suites are priced beginning at €107 a night – an absolute steal for this beautiful boutique hotel in such an optimal location.

Handsome Hotel
83, rue Rambuteau
75001 Paris – France

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