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Hotel/Hostel/Seaside Resort/Restaurant: Lisbon’s The Independente Collective is a Fascinating Fusion You Don’t Want to Miss.

Would you rather: Vacation in a lively, bustling city or an hour away in the relaxing, serene comforts of the seaside? Regardless of your answer, The Independente Collective in Lisbon, Portugal has it all.

Not quite a hotel, not quite a hostel, The Independente is located in one of the most vibrant parts of Lisbon, close to many bars and restaurants. It’s a great place for the young traveler looking to experience the city’s exciting nightlife! The hotel’s staff is sublime, and the breakfast – which is located on the rooftop terrace with a beautiful view of the city – is renowned. With an attention-grabbing design, the hotel/hostel offers a variety of suite and hostel options. If you’re on a budget and looking for an authentic European hostel experience, then the rooms with the triple bunk beds and trendy style is a perfect choice. If, however, you’re on the lookout for something a bit more private, the spacious suites with their impeccable views and great amenities will likely be more your cup of tea.

Maybe you don’t want to stay amidst the hustle and bustle of the Portuguese city, and would prefer the serenity of the one hour away seaside town of Uva do Monte. With private rooms and suites and a pool, this branch of The Independente Collective resembles much more of a hotel. An interesting cross between countryside tranquility and seaside vibes, this hotel – just a mile away from one of the coast’s most beautiful beaches – is the ideal retreat for a relaxing getaway. Here, surrounded by attentive staff and ambience music, it’s easy to forget all the stress and troubles of daily life.

The Independente Collective also boasts a number of outstanding restaurants. The Insolito is a restaurant and bar located inside The Independente Hotel. Set on a rooftop, this quirky restaurant is open for dinner from Tuesday to Saturday starting at 6. The Decadente, the first restaurant of The Independente Collective, serves the best of Portuguese food. It sports a bar, and serves lunch, dinner and Sunday Brunch. Trincas, located in the Mercado da RIbeira, has a market look with a restaurant feel, and serves up delicious local classics.

Whether you’re coming to Lisbon to have fun, relax or eat, The Independente Collective has got you covered!

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