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7 June 2016

dr bronners

Conscious and responsible business is not a recent phenomenon, just take Dr.Bronner’s and their 100% natural soaps, for example. The Bronner family has been making soaps since 1858! The company we know today was founded in 1948 with a simple philosophy: nature already provides everything humans need, we must only learn to garner these elements efficiently, responsibly and consciously.

Between their organic raw materials and use of fair trade, Dr.Bronner’s has managed to make a mark on the world and succeed in the international market. In the United States, they are the highest selling brand of natural soaps. The brand promises 100% natural ingredients and certified natural cosmetics. It is also certified fair trade, 100% vegan (with the exception of their lip and body balms) and biodegradable.

The packaging is also 100% recycled – not only do they use recycled paper, but the logos are printed with water-based paint. Dr.Bronner’s is also committed to training its producers, ensuring an increase in productivity while maintaining biodiversity. The brand is fair trade certified, as the fixed prices are completely independent of individual market prices. The company’s profits in turn are reinvested in training and infrastructure to guarantee a sustainable development for the company and those involved in the production chain.

Thanks to the unique vision of Emmanuel Bronner – a man who is committed to the idea of a world without war, strife and hatred – the brand proves that it is possible to both run a successful business and prioritize sustainable development.

The result? Natural soaps that are soft on the skin, formulated with organic oils, refined from pure and organic essential oils, and free from any form of chemicals. Envelope yourself in the light mousse of these delicately scented soaps by Dr.Bronner’s.

These soaps are an essential for your next camping trip, as they are eco-friendly and can be used to bathe in lakes or rivers without harming the environment. The soaps are available in eight scents ranging from tea tree to almond to peppermint, and all for a gentle price of 5.99 €! Why deprive yourself of such simple goodness?

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