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30 November 2016

Kathrin and Brian built themself a life that we are all , a little bit, dreaming of. However, they were by no means predestined for it. Kathrin settled in Los Angeles to pursue studying cinema, whilst Brian moved there shortly after he completed his studies and work as an author in the music industry. Their creative sides led them to directions they couldn’t have imagined. In short, life and its surprises !

Nowadays, Kathrin is an Art Director for Gypsan, a bohemian inspired clothing line for women and Brian, while pursuing his passion for music and his career as a piano solo performer, started working as a real estate developer.

Together they created “We are our element” perfect summary of their life plans et their chemistry. Each of them providing their vision, their touch and their style. In short, a perfect harmony.

Kathrin’s vision and Brian’s expertise led them to collaborate on real estate projects. “Dome in the desert” and “Cabin, Cabin, Cabin” were born from this collaboration. Two charming properties in the heart of Joshua Tree.

Together, they refurbish everything from A to Z. Furnitures are vintage , from craiglist to flea market and antics. They make some of pieces themselves and everything changes all the time. The result ? A unique scenery, it’s a little bit like arriving at your friends’ place where it feels good to live. “Dome in the desert” is unquestionably our big favorite, its unique shape, its atmosphere, its decoration and its extraordinary location make it a magic place. Kathrin tells us that the outdoor will be undergoing some changes. A fire pit and a BBQ will be built for next summer. Something to make your evenings even better, lost in the middle of this breathtaking landscape.

Kathrin and Brian live between Los Angeles and Joshua Tree and have a lot more projects like, for example, two new buildings in Joshua Tree and a third one in San Bernadino Mountains. So if you love LA as they do but you crave for peace and quiet, do not hesitate and book yourself “Dome in the Desert” for a blast of fresh air !

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