10 May 2016


The latest addition to the house of Diptyque is Eau des Sens. The brand with this new Eau is all set to take center stage of the perfumery world. A perfume universe without a gender,intended for both men and women.

All the new Diptyque products are based on olfactory memory which is a concept that is important to the founders of the brand and developed brilliantly by Myriam Badault who is the director of product creation and marketing for Diptyque. She has been carrying on the legacy of the brand for over a decade now. A creator of emotions, she has once again succeeded to create a multi-sensory experience that confounds the senses. Curiosity and eclecticism are they key guiding words at Diptyque, and they are heavy proponents in the uniqueness and relevance of a new scent.

This new L’Eau des Sens plays a game of duality, and takes you on an olfactory adventure. It carries a hint of sweetness, fresh and complete materials. The energetic citrus and sparkling neroli create a cocoon which reminds us to love ourselves. It carries us away, envelopes and surrounds us, and just as we are ready to give in and let go, the fragrance changes and transforms. There are notes of wood refreshed by ginger and spices that titillate and awaken you. A well-rounded and harmonious Eau which deepens over time. A subtle balance of the sensual and the sensitive which is almost emotional and sentimental. A fantasy world, at the crossroads between a dream and reality, the barriers are blurred, in flux and leave us wanting more. L’Eau des Sens is a sensory game, and we love playing with it.

You can also find L’Eau des Sens as a scented soap to extend your dreamy travels and let your imagination run wild.

Eau des Sens, 50ml – 70€ – Diptyque

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