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Brazil and especially Rio de Janeiro have been under the spotlights this year 2016. Between Louis Vuitton cruise fashion show at Niterói Museum and the summer Olympics, the city has been booming and reconstruction works attracted millions of travellers in Brazil. This mesmerising city with its atypical geographic location, between ocean and jungle , is a destination not to be missed.

There is a lot to be said on this city in full mutation and if we could remember only one sure thing about Rio, it would be the unique palace in the city, the Copacabana Palace owns by Belmond group.

Aberration for some or real architectural jewel for the others, surely it doesn’t leave anybody unmoved. Since the opening in 1923, the biggest celebrities in the world stayed in the palace : from Heads of State to Mike Jagger or Orson Welles, who was a regular customer. Even Edith Piaf gave a recital. It’s on the 6th floor, in the penthouses with private terraces and exclusive access to a 2nd swimming pool that leaders and celebrities spend their time when in Rio, away from prying eyes. The magical view on Copacabana beach invites you to day dream…the place is crowed, it’s a happy mix exactly like the city.

Here everything has been made for you not to think. The Copacabana Palace is always on the move and combines brilliantly modernism and tradition. The hotel suites are adorned with pieces of contemporary art but keep a classic charm that made its success. The palace, far from aging, offers a well being bubble in this city where everything goes fast. Don’t miss out on the pool, in the center of the building, where the magic happens. Here the guests gathered together to sip a cocktail comfortably sat on a sun bed during the day or to have a drink listening to some live music at the piano bar at night before choosing between a North Italian refined cuisine at Hotel Cipriani restaurant or a panasiatic cuisine to die for at restaurant Mee with the Michelin starred chef Ken Hom. Mee restaurant is a little gem that we hugely recommend. The choice can be difficult but choose with no doubt the “Meechelin Menu”. Seven courses meal that will delight your taste buds. For us the experience was exquisite.

What we love in the Copacabana Palace is its cosmopolite /traditional-chic side where people from good families come in all simplicity to have a traditional Brazilian meal, the Feijoada, every Saturday, at restaurant Pergula and mix with international travelers. Do not fail to take a tennis lesson or treat yourself with a relaxing moment at the palace spa. The Copacabana Palace staff will be there to assist you in your choices, the service is excellent. And above all, run to Copacabana beach and jump in the water, enjoy the atmosphere.

The Copacabana Palace is one of the legendary places that have to be visited once in a life time. Our only regret ? Being obliged to leave. Saudade…

Copacabana Palace
Avenida Atlântica 1702
Rio de Janeiro
CEP 22021 001

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