18 February 2016

carthusia profumi

The Carthusia perfumery dates back to 1380 when a monk of the Certosa di San Giacomo created the first fragrance by chance. Caught unaware by a visit from the Queen, he picked the most beautiful flowers of the island, and, after three days, went to change the water, and realized that the water had acquired a new and unknown smell. He brought it to the alchemist monk who retraced the scent, and thus created the first perfume of Capri.

Later, in 1948, the recipe was found again and with permission from the pope, the smallest laboratory in the world emerged as the Carthusia. The brand logo also dates from the same year, created in 1948 by the painter Mario Laboccetta, it represents a mermaid decorated with flowers reminiscent of the surreal and mythological landscapes of Capri.

Carthusia pays tribute to art and nature from which it draws its identity every day. Today with its strong heritage and expertise, Carthusia has developed an entire olfactory environment, an ode to the island of Capri.

Far & Wide recommends the Fiori di Capri scent for your home, Zagara for the body and the orange blossom cleansing gel. They also have delicious little soaps shaped like lemons, ideal to bring back as gifts for friends and family.

Via Camerelle, 10, 80073 Capri, Italy

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