23 March 2016


It is quite clear that the coffee craze is on its second wind, and we can barely keep tabs on all the new spots which have coffee on their menu as their star product.

Cafe Lomi is part of this trend. Located in a building of the Ville de Paris, Lomi is primarily an artisan roaster. It opened in 2010, with a desire to prepare gourmet coffees initially reserved for professionals and now open to individuals. They select grains directly in the plantations which they visit regularly in South America, Asia and Africa. These carefully chosen beans are then roasted by their master roasters with their unique craftsmanship. From the acquisition of the green beans to coffee training, Lomi controls the entire chain of coffee in order to offer you the very best result.

At 3 Ter rue Marcadet, you will find a roasting facility, a training workshop along with a boutique and a coffee shop. First up is the workshop to offer you guaranteed freshness. The beans are roasted each week by the expert hands of their artisans who transform each coffee to reveal all their aromas. The training aims to assist professionals with a choice equipment all the way to the display in cups (a true art) in order to be able to provide consumers with consistent quality. If all this has made your mouth water, make your way to their boutique, and take home some of their magic, so you can find coffee happiness even in your own home!

If you are visiting the area and want a well-deserved break, take a seat at the coffee shop with it’s friendly bar where you can enjoy a meal before your coffee on weekdays and noon, or even opt for the brunch on weekends!

Note that they regularly hold free tasting sessions of new coffee found by the cupping method.

Go test it out!

Café Lomi
3 ter Rue Marcadet
75018 Paris

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