8 December 2016


Jane Schmitt, the talented, the sassy, the stylish founder of Paname, is taking us to her little paradise, Cadaqués. 

10.00 am : waking up in Portlligat

11.00 am : I get on my scoopy and I head to St Alqueria’s creek, I go to my secret spot for a morning bath away from prying eyes.

12.00 noon : To the village for a small « cortado » in Meliton, Maritim or Café d’Es Canto according to my mood.

Warning ! Monday is market day !

1.00 pm  : Creams and essential oils from this good old Tao, he always has what I need and everything is homemade.

2.00 pm : Urgent need of a pair of espadrilles Catalanes and a pair of Castañer.

You have to get the real espadrilles Catalanes, they are increasingly rare. There are a few shops, you have to find the good ones !

3.00 pm : Lunch at Cap de Creus

4.00 pm : Swim in the creek or in the surroundings of the natural park.

5.00 pm : Invigorating massage ! Masajes Ayurvedicos is a special place in the old city of Cadaqués where you can chill and enjoy ayurvedic massages. It is also a 100% vegan and organic shop where you can find homemade cosmetics, organic essential oils, Ayurvedic teas….peace and quiet in a nutshell.

6.00 pm : I pay a visit to Moises Tibau and his beautiful potteries in his workshop in the mountain, he’s a good friend of the family and well known in Cadaqués.

7.00 pm : Tapas and Perrafita at Enoteca MF where you can try all the products made by the family that come with homemade tapas (their son goes fishing every morning) and their wine M.F ( vinyard around Cadaqués).

8.00 pm : I visit my talented friends Elodie and Javier in their gallery «  El Taller de Tabakov ».

Special mention to Javier Aznarez and his book « The choker of Cadaqués », absolutely brilliant !

9.00 pm : It’s time for an amazing cocktail at Brown Sugar ( Cadaqués finest !)

10.00 pm : Diner at restaurant Can Rafa

11.00 pm : Drink and snooker at La Frontera

12.00 am : Midnight bath at Angel Rock my god mother ‘s, Jessi Rask, outstanding house, sculptor. She also rents a part of her house to artists and beautiful people, this place is magic… It’s the best view in Cadaqués !

 Pic ©Adrien Dirand

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