18 July 2016

Story Time: In 1959, a sociologist wrote a paper about a man who stole another man’s banana. Well, admittedly, it wasn’t just about bananas. But this paper, aptly named Banana Time, is where we derived the modern colloquialism for taking an enjoyable break during work.

Several decades later, two best friends living in Amsterdam decided to take this term – and the philosophy that came along with it – and apply it to their new clothing brand, Bananatime. Inspired by the idea that it’s important to break up the monotony of life and have some fun, the founders of Bananatime combined their love for comfortable clothes and vintage fabrics to create this one-of-a-kind luxury clothing company.

These clothes are perfect to wear lounging around the house, for a long day of traveling, or just as comfy, everyday outfits. The collections include silk boxers, pants and shirts, all made with beautiful and playful prints. They were designed purposefully as unisex fashion, interestingly enough, because the inspiration for these clothes came from the founders’ relentless habit of stealing their boyfriends’ clothes.

From the second they make the clothes with their lavish silk prints to the moment they package them in charming little white boxes, it is evident that Bananatime puts great care into all of their clothing. If you need any more convincing as to why your life is in dire need of some Bananatime, check out their Instagram for a taste of their amazing looks. Then, head over to their website and indulge yourself with some of these luxury garments!

Boxer – 95€
Easy Pants – 240€
Grandad Shirt – 280€


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