12 December 2016

american crew

No need to introduce American Crew anymore, they are specialized in skincare for men since a few years already. They are coming back with a shaving range that consists in 5 essentials products to finish with after shaving skin irritations.

This new range is rich in moisturizing and soothing agents, your skin is clearer, more hydrated with an immediate sensation of softness.

The shaving oil in 50ml format prepares your skin for a sharp shave, what is the result ? Better glide of the blade, anti aging effect thanks to anti oxydants and also an antibacterial effect thanks to cloves and rosemary extract.

The shaving gel is transparent and non foaming for normal to thin bears. The formula contains tea tree oil extracts and aloe vera. If you prefer shaving cream, it exists in the range. It extra creamy texture is recommended for all types of bears for a comfy and neat shave.

To carry on with your routine, the invigorating after shave is a must have. Astringent, it makes your skin feels fresh, cauterized and firm by tightening the pores.

Bye bye ugly ingrown hairs, your skin is soft and souple. And furthermore, no high price tag, from about 17 to 27 €. Do not hesitate ! Once again American Crew will delight you !

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