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Alexe, is a tiny but very dynamic woman. From an early age she’s been living her life as she wanted . A bohemian life with her other half, always on the road, she catches her ventures in a seventies, bohemian style that is very much her own and she shares them on her blog, DollPoupée where you can also find her own collection of art.

Today, she’s answering our questions. And this week, she will take you to the US and will make you live her last road trip. Expect a complete change of scenery and good tips !

Who are you ? What is your background ?

Hello, I am Alexe, I am 26 years old and I am a fashion designer and a fashion and travel blogger.

I started my career as a sales rep in ready made clothes when I was 19, in a Danish company. After 2 years, I needed to do and see something else. I quit with the idea of going on the other side of the world… I was thinking about Australia. I ended up in London, one of my favourite cities. That’s where I eventually decided to launch my own blog et open a shop on Etsy where I could sale my own creations. After 12 amazing months in this beautiful English capital, I went back to France and I worked in 2 multi brands shop as a manager and visual merchandiser while doing my own things.

I finally headed off for Australia last December, my dream destination 5 years ago and where I spent 10 months in a van. Then I went to New Zeland and I am currently in South Est Asia.

We know that travelling is a visceral need for you. What feelings does it bring ? What are the reasons that give you the desire to leave ?

Five years ago I moved abroad and kind of ran away from France where I didn’t feel confortable . Being bilingual was also essential to me.

For the past 3 years, my desire to travel and my craving for new adventures were stronger than anything. It’s a vital need, like a lack of oxygen, I need my fix. I get bored easily and I get tired of routine and sedentary life.

We are lucky to live on an incredible planet, rich with cultures and landscapes, why not discovering the wonders that it has to offer !

How are you dealing with your time consuming job and your trips ? Would you say that one can not go without the other ? Do your trips bring you technicalities and know hows that you couldn’t have learnt if you would have stayed in France ?

They are not fully compatible because I do everything alone. This past year has been very difficult from a creative point of view and also regarding my eshop. Living on the road is such a unique and rewarding experience from a personal point of view but not from an artistic one. I realized that I needed my space to work. Besides the lack of space in a van, everyday life is not easy either.

But in general when I do short trips I find the inspiration and new ideas every day . I could say that one can not go without the other.

For the moment, it didn’t bring me new technicites but I didn’t really put my mind around it, I’d like to do it one day. However, I bring new materials from each country that I visited and my workshop starts to look like Ali Baba’s cave !

How do you see yourself ?

A little bit of the 3 but above all, citizen of the world. I never felt that I belong to one country or continent only. Although I am proud to be French and European, I identify myself as an inhabitant of planet Earth.

How do you like to travel ? On your own or with other people ?

I never considered travelling alone before being forced to when I went to Australia. To me, travelling is about sharing. Maybe I never thought I had what it takes for or maybe I was scared of boredom.

Lately, I like to travel alone. I feel like we are more aware of what surrounds us, we pay more attention to details and simple things. Anyway, in the end, we are never really alone because when you travel on your own you meet beautiful people.

Backpack or suitcase ? A favourite brand ?

I always travelled with a suitcase but since I last visited South East Asia last month, I realised a backpack was essential. I will take one for my next excursions in Asia.

Otherwise, my favorite brand of suitcases is Eastpack. I have been carrying mine in every corner of the planet for a year and a half and it is always in good condition. In addition of being convenient it is super light, easy to drag and there is a huge choice of colors and patterns.

A trick to pack ?

I am rather fussy ( even a little bit loony) and to me, you have to pack your bag well in advance to make sure you will use everything that’s in it and that everything goes together.

From a practical point of view, my suitcase is always organised by group and color ! It’s the visual merchandiser side of me ! At last, I always make sure that everything fits Tetris style !

What is your outfit to travel ?

I don’t really have one. I always dress according to the mood of the day but I can assure you that you will never see me in a tracksuit and sneakers !

Your beauty essentials on a trip ?

I have a very dry skin so I never leave without a nourishing cream ( face, hands and body) and a lip balm. For my hair, I use the oil « Mythic » from L’Oréal and my new favorite product the « Miracle Hair Treatment » from Eleven Australia.

How do you relax ?

I’ve always been on the edge of my nerves and I am new to relaxation. I am doing yoga for a little bit more than 2 years and I’ve been taking dance classes for 23 years. It helps me channelling the energy and it’s good for both mind and spirit ! Otherwise, a good glass of red wine and music do the trick !

Last minute or forward looking ?

I am a very stressed person so I always anticipate but since I lived in a van I have learnt to relax. Now I can consider leaving things to the last minute without knowing where to sleep, or do and decide on site. That is the real adventure !


Next destination; Our beautiful capital : Paris

Next frenzy: A Canon 5d Mark III

What’s next for you ?

Back to France end of November before heading back somewhere in the word.

One of my dream is moving to California but since the election I might wait.

Professionally, I am looking for a new name….I need to change as I have new projects that are growing. To be honest, I am ashamed of the actual name, I can’t even pronounce it anymore !

We are also working on a new website that will host both my store and my blog with an extended travel part. And in a distant future, the launching of a clothes range with real collections.

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