16 February 2017


This week, the stylish, the lovely, the passionate Josia N. shares with us a few of her beauty secrets, her habits and wishes.

Hello Josia,

Who are you? What’s your background?

I am Josia N.

Fashion got me for Xmas 1990 when I got the game Fashion Wheel. I already had a taste for beautiful things : I used to shine my father’s Westons for pocket money !

It is thus quite naturally that I have chosen fashion for a living. I am a fashion consultant, stylist and founder of Dunasteia . My hobbies and clients are quite diverse but it is always related to creativity.

Recently, I found myself a new challenge, being an accomplished mum, I just had an adorable baby daugther : Joï-Dun.


Where are you from? Why did you choose X as your city?

I was born in Brazzaville (Congo) and grew up in a nearby suburb. My parents have chosen Paris for my Dad to finish his medical studies.

You can currently see me in the 20th district, around Belleville where I ve been living for 10 years now. My district ! I love it so much. Paris and I is a true love story .

Tell us about your routine, your favorite spots for a business meeting/ your everyday cantine/ a date with your lover/ you and your crew?

Professional Meeting : Hôtel Providence

Canteen : Guo Xin in Belleville

A romantic moment : Waly Faye

My crew : I would say : Les Bains

What is your daily beauty routine? How long does it take? What are your essentials?

For my face, I use Sephora make up remover Gelée Micellaire with cornflower extract, Shiseido Ibuki purifying cleanser, Bioderma hydrating serum and I hydrate my body with Byredo « Bal d’Afrique » body cream. During the cold winter, I make myself shea butter face masks.

Do you have a family beauty or cultural secret? A tip that you invented and that you would like to share?

Since forever I use a blend of shea butter with olive and sweet almond oil on my hair and body and during cold winter I add a drop of glycerin. Same treat for my little Joï-Dun.

How do you relax?

In general, nothing. I stay on the couch, dosing and in between I watch, one more time, TV Shows like Sex & The city, Everybody hates Chris or Malcom. Depending on my mood.

The other option is going away for the week end with my team.


What is your go to carry-on?

My Eastpak suitcase ! I have them in different sizes to carry around my ward robe, they are lightweight and so convenient !

A trick for organizing your luggage?

My man Jey, is perfect for this ! He always takes care of it when he can as I always want to take everything with me to have several options #Tetris

Your traveller uniform?

For a long distance fligth I wear a tracky bottom, a hoody and a pair of polarized sunnies, a good pair of sneakers and a headscarf because air con makes me sick. For short distance flights, I wear whatever I am wearing but I never forget the headscarf.

Beauty essentials while travelling?

Hydrating cream and sunglasses : protection and disguise

Craziest things you ever put in your suitcase?

A pointy braided chinese hat made to protect from the heat and bad weather during field labour. My man can’t get over it !

A destination you’re obsessed about?

Los Angeles, I have my second family there and maybe my future.

Any Hotels, spas, restaurants, bars suggestions there?

It’s impossible for me to answer that question because I like the people before places. I’ve already been in shabby hotels and spent amazing moments and the other way around !

If we talk about LA today, I have to stay at friends’ house.

Food wise, there are a lot of nice places on Abbot Kinney St in Venice. I have my little Libanese there on the top of Fairfax, on the same street, there is Golden State for a good burger. And to make sure you don’t run out of variety, there is Sack on Melrose, one of the best Ruben sandwich in town. And in case of rude awakening, I grab a brunch at Republic when going south on La Brea.

For the bars, there are the unavoidables like Château Marmont/Bar Marmont and Standard, the one downtown, with its rooftop as well as the one on Sunset with the pool.

It’s possible to end the night at Blind Dragon, a cool little club accessible by a carpark on West Hollywood.

Are you changing or adapting your daily beauty routine according to your destination? If so, how?

Healthy eating and drinking ….. for a few hours.

The best thing to steal from an hotel?

The bathrobe obviously but mostly the sleepers ! I have a wide collection of them at home for my guests.


Next destination: Cuba, Bali and Shangai …. to many destinations

Next beauty purchase: good question !

Next extravaganza: one of my future projects that need investment….shussshhhh ! But otherwise I can admit that I have a problem with shoes, it’s compulsive.

Far & Wide in 3 words: cool, fun and convenient

Your Mantra: Step by Step

Thank you very much Josia!

Pic © Juliette Hautemulle


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