28 October 2016


This week, we’ve met the talented duet Marion Gauban Cammas et Ulysse Meridjen, founder of the stylish, bold and smart brand: Proêmes de Paris. They share a few of their daily lifestyle tips, addresses and wishes. 

Hello Marion and Ulysse,

Who are you? What’s your background ?

Marion : Co-founder of the brand . I have always been passionate about fashion, I have a BEP and a Professional Bac in Arts and Crafts with a specialization in Clothing and fashion accessories, then I came to Paris to do a training as a stylist at the Atelier Chardon Savard. Then I worked almost seven years with Jean-Charles de Castelbajac.

Ulysse : Co-founder of Proêmes of Paris. I became involved with fashion quite late, I started working with REC, a firm specializing in fashion and sports trends when I returned to France four years ago, and I really enjoyed it. I also founded the agency Le Ballon. Recently I started doing something that I personally love, being a personal development coach.


Why did you choose New York as your city ?

Marion: I was born and grew up in Villeneuve sur Lot in the Lot et Garonne. I have been living in Paris since 2000, I struggled at first to adapt to this city then I decided to get lost in a different neighborhood every weekend and bit by bit I fell in love with Paris, the architecture, the museums, the cafes, the friends and now I love the life I live here.

Ulysse: I was born in the south of France, and I had an itch to travel! I lived several years abroad before falling in love with Marion and then came to live in Paris.

Tell us about your routine, your favorite spots ?

Marion: We live in the 11th and many of our friends also live in the neighborhood. We meet regularly with our friends in a cocktail bar called Le Lone Palm 21 rue Keller or the Medusa 48 rue Basfroi, I love the pastries from the Liberty bakery on 39 Rue des Vinaigriers and weekend lunch at La Marine 55bis Quai de Valmy. Our canteen is the restaurant L’ébauchoir 43 rue de Citeaux where everything is perfect! We buy almost nothing at the supermarket so I spend a lot of my time at the Aligre market and I go there once or twice a week early in the morning.

Ulysse: ah Marion has already mentioned everything! For me, my go to place is the Aligre market and I go there twice a week, but in the evening to complete Marion’s shopping list. I have my addresses, the Brunon butcher for meat and probably the best sauerkraut in Paris, the Hardouin-Langlet cheese shop, and Les vieux tonneaux d’Aligre for wine, to find amazing wines from Bourgogne.

What is your daily beauty routine?

Marion: I’m have the same ritual in the morning and evening, I wash my face with Créaline from Bioderma then I moisturize with various moisturizers from Bioderma, Avène or La Roche Posay. I use little make up, just a little powder foundation from bareMinerals, mascara from Yves Saint Laurent and Bourjois lipstick. I have to moisturize my body every morning because I have dry skin and since I was a teen I use the repairing milk from Mixa, I try to change but I can not seem to find another product that is not too oily or too liquid in a price that is affordable.

On the other hand I spend a little more time on my hair which is quite dry. I use products from Phytodess, crème précieuse, the White Tea shampoo and the lait précieux.

With regards to my perfume, I have worn the same perfume for 10 years, Tam Dao from Diptyque, and I can’t pull myself away from it, in fact I always carry a travel size sample in my handbag.

Ulysse: I’m more of a morning person, and I’m too lazy in the evening even though I know that I should care more. I start with a mild facial scrub from Neutrogena in the shower, and then a toner and a moisturizer from Aesop. For the body, a Thermaliv deodorant and for perfume, I am forever loyal to Diptyque, and I wear Vetyverio.

Do you have a family beauty or cultural secret ? 

Ulysse: A glass of wine a day! And a lot of green tea.

How do you relax ?

Marion: We read, do yoga and walk a lot, we love getting lost in Paris or hiking in the forests of Fontainebleau or Rambouillet. Our last memorable visit was to the Dubuffet Foundation in Périgny-sur-Yerres and the Closerie Falbala.


What is your go to carry-on ?

Marion: A large rolling Fendi bag that a friend gifted me. It is very light and is perfect for carrying everything.

Ulysse : a collapsible and expandable Lancel bag which has been with me for over fifteen years.

A trick for organizing your luggage ?

Marion: Roll your clothes.

Ulysse : Do it last minute.

Your traveller uniform ?

Marion: I always have a black scarf with me, it is perfect for many situations.

Ulysse: Only ‘soft’ clothes, I have no problem travelling in sweatpants on long flights. . And shoes without laces, easy to remove for security inspection and on the plane for comfort.

Beauty essentials while travelling ?

Marion: My face cream.

Ulysse : Perfume and travel sized toothpaste.

Craziest things you ever put in your suitcase ?

Marion: I brought back a bamboo bird cage from Thailand, never put birds in it because I love seeing them free, but the cage is beautiful.

Ulysse : 12 skateboards and a machete on my way back from Brazil to the US, the US Customs was quite an adventure.

A destination you’re obsessed about ?

Marion: New York, I love this city, and I wouldn’t mind living there.

Ulysse : New York as well, it’s a magnet.

Any suggestions for hotels, spas, restaurants, and bars there?

Marion: Barrio Chino 253 Broome Street Lower East Side is a Mexican restaurant with a Chinese decor, the Rivington gallery design house 52 Kenmare Street by my friend Brion Isaacs, the pilates classes held by his wife Heather Andersen founder of New York Pilates 64 West 3RD St, and the barbecue at Fette Sau 354 Metropolitan Ave in Brooklyn.

Are you changing or adapting your daily beauty routine according to your destination ? If so, how ?

Marion: I moisturize my body a lot because the New York-water is quite harmful for me.

Ulysses: I try not to eat every 25 minutes, and do a lot of walking.

The best thing to steal from an hotel ?

Marion: A tea bag.

Ulysse: Slippers.


Next destination: 

Marion: A week in the chalet of a friend at Manigod for the new year.

Next beauty purchase:

Marion: Probably a hair care treatment at my hairdresser.

Ulysse: A lip balm.

Next extravaganza: 

Marion: A custom library by our friends Atelier Veneer.

Ulysse: A tent for Tabasco, our cat.

Far & Wide in 3 words: 

Marion: Inspiration, Vision, Passion

Ulysse: Precision, Beauty, Elegance

Your Mantra:

Marion: Live your dreams.

Ulysse: When we think we know it all, that is when we realise we know nothing.

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