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31 March 2016

eve et rose

Eve & Rose is the creation of Bérengère. Pregnant with her first child, she becomes aware of the risks she exposed her unborn baby to when she used her usual care routine because of the chemical ingredients those products contained. None of the products on the market caught her attention, so she decided to partner up with a French laboratory and began to develop her own formulas.

Her main ambition was to meet the specific needs of mothers during pregnancy: respect the well-being of the baby in utero while creating a unique experience for the mother. Eve & Rose offers safe and effective skincare, with smooth and creamy textures and lightly scented, for a truly pleasurable experience.

Nothing here is left to chance, the brand uses natural active ingredients, and the formulas are dermatologically tested but also about 99% to 100% on certain products are composed of natural ingredients, certified Ecocert, without alcohol, without essential oils, fragrance-free, without artificial colors and parabens. The texture is fresh and smooth for a quick and easy application, and it even releases a subtle and natural fragrance which helps avoid morning sickness and is coupled with soft and delicate colors to remind you of your future baby. Eve & Rose knows what we need.

There are three products available: The Soothing, Anti-Stretch Mark Precious Oil, which with its high content of vitamins and antioxidants protects and regenerates your skin through argan oil, its main active ingredient! The Double-Action Anti-Stretch Mark Serum is rich in Omega 3, 6 and 9 associated with vitamin E and it helps prevent and minimize stretch marks and pregnancy marks. It is to be applied twice daily on the at-risk areas (thighs, buttocks, stomach, hips, etc.). The Nourishing Body Milk is enriched with shea butter and argan oil which will nourishes and re-plumps your skin to regain comfort and firmness.

Eve & Rose is a socially committed company which donates 50% of its profits to a charity every year. In 2016, Berengere has chosen to support the #earlychildhoodcare project, which is associated with Children of Mekong (a British subsidiary of the French association Les Enfants du Mékong). What is the idea behind the project? To train twenty women in welfare and hygiene, from breastfeeding to the nutrition of young children, so that they can then share this knowledge with other mothers living in remote villages of northern Cambodia. With €10,000, more than 400 mothers and 800 babies will see an improvement in their lives.

Treating yourself well, protecting your body and your baby, all this while creating opportunities for the life improvement of other young mothers and babies: this is all possible thanks to Eve & Rose.

Head to their online store now!

Huile Précieuse – 38,9€ – Eve & Rose
Sérum Double Action Anti-vergetures – 34,9€ – Eve & Rose
Lait Corps Nourrissant – 27,9€ – Eve & Rose

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