25 July 2016


Outdoor Voices is an American brand of activewear that has succeeded in the challenge to combine sport and style.

Their philosophy: Doing Things. That is, it is better to do a little than not to do anything at all. Especially, they say, to do it in good humor without making a big deal out of it. The founder and brilliant entrepreneur, Tyler Haney, likes the idea of fun and humorous ​​gatherings. Outdoor Voices is for everyone – yogis, basketball players, runners – from those who choose to be trendy to those who prefer a more laid back, casual vibe.

The lines are clean and minimalist, the colors range from gray to bottle green to deep blue, far from the neon, flashy colors that we often see in gyms. The collections include leggings, jackets, sweatshirts, hoodies and shorts for women, and men are not left out with their sweatshirts, jackets, shorts and impeccably fitting T-shirts.

Fun added to performance and style added to technicality, Outdoor Voices makes us want to excel with style and fun.

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