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When a foreigner thinks of India, the first cities that come to mind are probably Mumbai, New Delhi, and Agra – home of the Taj Mahal. Less well-known, but still equally as fascinating, is Jaipur. Known as the “Pink City” for its trademark building color, Jaipur is the capital of Rajasthan, a state in Northern India.

As all large Indian cities, Jaipur is constantly immersed in the hustle and bustle of millions of locals and tourists. If you are looking for a haven of serenity amongst this commotion, look no further than boutique guesthouse 28 Kothi. Located in the neighborhood Civil Lines, 28 Kothi is owned by Munnu Kasliwal – the legendary jewelry designer of The Gem Palace. Munnu’s son, Siddharth Kasliwal, has recently taken charge of the hotel with the help of Abhishek Honawar, a veteran restaurateur. Just knowing whom the experienced masterminds behind 28 Kothi are makes us sure that whatever experience you have at the boutique hotel is going to be a good one!

The boutique hotel sports various different amenities and services, and will not disappoint the traveler who chooses to spend a day relaxing in the comforts of the guesthouse. Begin your day with a complimentary breakfast – make sure to check out the delicious farm fresh vegetarian menu – and spend the rest of your morning with a nice book at the Kothi Library, or, for the more modern traveller, in the lounge with the benefits of free WiFi. Later in the afternoon, feel free to participate in yoga or book yourself an Ayruvedic massage to relieve any stress and tension. At the end of the day, relax in one of the five air-conditioned rooms (2 suites, 2 doubles, 1 single) offered at the boutique guesthouse. You are sure to revel in the beautiful decorations that subtly hint at both simple modernity and long-standing Indian tradition – even the mirrored headboard’s shape is reminiscent of the Taj Mahal.

Recently opened in January 2016, the rooms are practically untouched and utterly pristine. With rates that start at only $70, 28 Kothi is a must for any tourist looking for the comforts of home within the magnificent city of Jaipur.

28 Khoti
28, Lane Number 2,
Shivaji Nagar, Suraj Nagar West, Civil Lines,
Jaipur, Rajasthan 302006, India

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