photobeto3Pic by Alberto Cabrera



Friends for over a decade, Julie Genthon and Joana Althabégoïty share a passion for travel, wellness and even a vision of their common lifestyle. Along some of their travels : Los Angeles, Sao Paulo, New York or Asia they have accumulated secret addresses, cult and «must have» products like little treasures.

One single goal : get together

A shared experience browsing into the world of fashion and contemporary art is enough for making them realize the first signs of a new trend : beauty and wellness treated as a lifestyle. They now want to bring this exclusive selection and the one from their international insiders into one single destination where their friends (both male and female) could meet, while sharing a common philosophy. Beauty and wellness becoming the central thread to discover the world.

They decided to call it «Far & Wide», English for «here and elsewhere» or «the world» as a perfect synthesis of their vision.

Welcome in the world of an inspired and passionate duet, Far & Wide.

We hope you have as much fun as we do exploring the world of today and bringing you the beauty of tomorrow.

Get in touch: info@farandwideparis.com