The eco-friendly, organic Swedish brand of natural skin care, Estelle and Thild (named after the two daughters of founder Pernilla Rönnberg: Estelle and Mathilde) also takes care of our children.

Their Ecocert certified range promises comfort and protection for the delicate skin of little ones. Rich in Aloe Vera, Jojoba oil, sweet almond oil and shea butter; their body lotions, shampoo, body oil, and moisturizing creams are fragrance-free and perfectly hypoallergenic. Biocare Baby also takes care of future moms with its pregnancy oil, which promotes skin elasticity and thus prevents the development of stretch marks. All this at extremely reasonable prices; their body lotion, for example, is only around 13 €!

The Scandinavian way to responsible luxury; this is the promise held by Biocare Baby.

Pic © oilily kidswear