Meticulously detailed, dream-like, earthly paradise – however you choose to describe it, Jaipur’s Bar Palladio, which opened in late 2013, has captured not only our attention – and, honestly, our Pinterest boards – but also our hearts. Take one look at its elegant, eclectically blue design, and you will understand why. With its intricate Indian patterns and European style furniture, Bar Palladio is the perfect, breathtaking combination of cultures. The only thing better than the decoration choices is the menu.

Bar Palladio offers everything you would expect from an authentic Italian restaurant, from minestrone to penne all’arrabiata to spaghetti carbonara. Along with using only high quality ingredients, all of their pastas are handmade and, not to mention, delicious. This beautiful and mouthwatering restaurant was the vision of Italian-born owner Barbara Miolini, who hoped not only to share her native cuisine, but also to celebrate it.

With her incorporation of Il Teatro, Bar Palladio’s unique performance-based venture, Miolini brings together the arts – from dancing, to poetry, to singing – with the food, drinks and setting that Bar Palladio is so highly regarded for. Bar Palladio takes pride in its diverse, relaxing atmosphere, encouraging its customers to lounge away their evenings on one of their many outdoor sofas, while they listen to emerging talents and enjoy a refreshing cocktail.

For anyone hoping to take the magic of Bar Palladio home with them, the restaurant-come-bar offers a shop with home ware – which includes placemats, tablecloths, napkins, and totes – and gift hampers. These gift hampers are actually totes that are filled to the brim with either food, dinnerware or both! Those looking to bring back the restaurant’s authentic Italian food should check out the Napoli set, which comes with four different pastas, three pasta sauces and olive oil. Those hoping to retain the allure of Bar Palladio’s unique decoration style should look into the Palladio Deluxe set, which comes with two sets of dinner plates, pasta bowls, salad plates, placemats, and napkins, including a bottle of vinegar and olive oil. For those who aren’t quite sure – or just want everything (we don’t blame you!) – Bar Palladio offers the option to create your own gift hamper.

From the delicious food and drinks, to the extraordinary performance platform, to the impossible-to-overlook design, Bar Palladio is a must try for anyone within the general vicinity of Jaipur!

Bar Palladio
Narain Niwas Palace Hotel
Kanota Bagh, Narain Singh Road
Jaipur – RJ 302004 India

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