Breathtaking beauty, the young and successful model Aya Jones  made us the great pleasure to share with us a little bit of her everyday life and tips in all simplicity.

Hi Aya,

Who are you ? What’s your background ?

I’m Aya Jones. I’m 23 years old and a model. I was born in Paris. My mom is French and my father is from Ivory Coast. I have 25-year-old brother.


Where are you from? Why did you choose New York as your city?

I’m from Paris. I grew up in the 11 district with my family. I love my city! I’m now based in NY because all the business is there. I love the energy and all the opportunities to work.

Tell us about your routine, your favorite spots for a business meeting or your everyday cantine…

For business meeting I usually propose a lunch at my favorite macrobiotic Asian cantine in Soho called Souen or like to go to Laduree to have some tea. Otherwise, with my friends, we like to test new bars and restaurants. I especially like to go on rooftops during the summer.

What is your daily beauty routine? 

My essential routine is to wash my face with micellar water, day and night and I use cream from La Roche Posay. And I do mask and exfoliator once a week.

Do you have a family beauty or cultural secret?

Secrets are meant to be kept secret! I suggest drinking a lot of water. It’s not original, but it’s makes a big difference.

How do you relax?

I usually relax with my family and friends, walking around the city, going shopping, having drinks or some food. I really love to go to the spa and I’m a big fan of the gym, to take care of me. Looking beautiful landscape or just a good show on Netflix me relax, too.


What is your go to carry-on?

I never travel without my Bose speakers and my IPad follows me everywhere I go.

A trick for organizing your luggage?

I’m a great Tetris  player and an expert in folding, so these skills help a lot with packing.

Your traveller uniform?

I need to feel comfortable when I trvale, so I always wear trainers.

Beauty essentials while travelling?

All my daily essentials and enough products to be able to freshen up.

A destination you’re obsessed about?

I’m obsessed with Ivory Coast. My father comes from there and often talks about it. I can’t wait to go back. It’s an incredible country.

Are you changing or adapting your daily beauty routine according to your destination?

I adapt a light cream with strong SPF for hot and humid countries ans a heavier cream for cold ones.

The best thing to steal from a hotel?

No stealing, it’s just not in my nature.


Next destination : Ivory Coast

Next beauty purchase: I’m going to buy under-eye patches

Next extravaganza: I’m looking forward for a new fancy hand bag, but I haven’t made up my mind on which one yet

Far & Wide in 3 words: Useful, interesting and chic

Thank you Aya, we wish you the best!

Pic © The Studio @ The Lions

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