Margaux Le Gall, bold and demanding Image manager for the giant Martell Mumm Perrier Jouët , is joining you for a day on her native French Breton coast, place of character mixing exceptional landscapes and gentle pleasures of life.

Off season, I wake up with my pack, family or friends, in one of my mum’s lodge, a dozen of kilometers away from Concarneau. Former costume maker in the cinema industry, she brought her own universe with a Briton twist. Each bedroom is unique, each little detail tells a little story, a moment in time….

Breakfast is usually the 1st reason of the day for « crêpes ». They come directly from Concarneau Market where we order them the day before. Otherwise, for the reals, it’s a toast of black bread with salted butter. A very thick rye bread that taste like cake when fresh….very yummy !
Still in my pj (there are no guests around ….) I am going to the ocean, 300m from the house, it’s one of the most savage and preserved beach of the area ( Kerouini). There is nothing like a bowl of fresh air to clear your mind and start a good day. I don’t do yoga but I like to think it feels the same. I carry on with a long walk…. chosing where to go is the difficult part. Pendruc sand dunes ? Doigt de Dieu path ? Rospico cliffs ? Out of interest I chose, Doigt de Dieu path, the name always made me laugh ( it’s comes from the shape of a rock that brings luck), and then, on the way back we’ll stop at Jacky’s  for a few famous oysters (it’s been here for more than a century…). We never sat at a table, we chose the shells, they open them for us and we settle on the other side for a picnic under the pine trees. That is what I call luxe.

After this : beach session, because yes, surprise surprise, even if we are pale, Britanny does have a nice weather !

There is one for everyone’s taste so it’s a bit difficult…. Between the ones who’d like to go sunbathing on the soft sand of Tahiti (this is the real name of the beach), surfers who’d rather go to Raguenes, city people who escape to the 4 sardines ( mini hidden cove, 15 minutes walk from Concarneau ) and friends with kids who’d like to go to Manec’h Harbour ( « postcard » beach with its little cabins overhung by a mansion.

Then comes the end of afternoon, if we have diner at home, we split for shopping . The boys are going to Trévignon Harbour to chose some fish and langoustine when the boats come back from the sea (and, above all, to take 5 on Madame Arthur’s terrasse) . The girls are in charge of the desserts : we are all crazy about the amazing Eric Jubin’s patisseries, the Pont Aven Chocolate factory. The buckwheat based pie or the perfectly finished exotic little cakes ( glossier than Rihanna’s mouth).

This division of tasks is perfect for us because we usually wander an hour more . I always pop at the Pont Aven museum temporary exhibition. The area has inspired a lot of artists, the pictural wealth is crazy ! I can watch again and again Gauguin’s work and this mini museum, that has been entirely restored has a partnership with Orsay Museum…. So you can enjoy a Monet in a room with 5 persons only.

Still in Pont Aven city center, for our viewing pleasure, there are 2 places that you cannot miss…. Idée, a 3 storey design and decoration shop ( furnitures, luminaries, bookstore….) and, inevitably,  B.E.A.U , small vintage boutique with rare pieces from the 60’s and 70’s or luxury trandmark and contemporary designers with unbeatable prices…. You never leave empty handed.

Then comes aperitif time ! We all get together on the Hôtel des Sables Blancs terrasse for the sunset. The kids play on the beach while the big ones enjoy their drinks…. If it goes on and on ( we are on holiday after all!), we’ll go shopping the next day, and we sat at La Coquille. The only restaurant in the middle of Concarneau shipyard. Impressive scenery opposite Ville Close.

Some of us (usually including me) will end up at Korrigans ( « Guitte » for the insiders), Concarneau’s mythic club . A shack made of stones that welcome, generation after generation, holiday makers, young and wild students from Les Glénans school and « locals », young, old, sailors, regular customers….. We always finish on a nerdy tune from the 80’s for everybody’s liking.

No judgemnent, it’s holiday time !


Going for the day with a zodiac or the shuttle on the Glénans Archipelago. It’s a bit like Seychelles but much more closer ( and slightly fresher in the water but it’s good for the body)


So if by misfortune, it’s raining, it’s the occasion to go to Concarneau’s spa for the day. Rather affordable for a high quality place and services. Nothing more delicious than being hypnotised by a storm from a hot tub.


When I feel the need for a change of scenery, I browse the Port d’attache’s Instagram account.
Insta : leportdattache

GITES Kerouini 8 ou 2 personnes

Crêpes Krampouz Ar Mor
Halle de Concarneau

Chez Jacky
Port du Belon à Riec-sur-belon

La Chocolaterie de Pont-Aven
Place Henri Delavallée

4 rue Emile Bernard

B.E.A.U vintage store
16 rue du Port

Musée de Pont-Aven
Place Julia

Hôtel des Sables Blancs
46 rue des Sables Blancs à Concarneau

La Coquille
Quai du Moros à Concarneau

2 avenue du Dr Pierre Nicolas

Thalasso Concarneau
36 rue des Sables Blancs

Pic © Beto Cabrera

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